Jen Murnaghan: Digital Dandy

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I was walking along a beautiful seafront walk close to where I grew up in Dublin and I remember having this vision, just a flash vision, of me somewhere foreign with a briefcase.  It was only a split second vision but it stayed with me for years and I didn’t know where it was going to take me.  I wanted to be a journalist and I wanted to be an architect.  I wasn’t clever enough to get into architecture and for some reason I was swayed away from journalism which was probably a pity.  I was also very interested in art, but my sister was studying Visual Communications at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin so I of course had to take a different direction and decided on a more academic approach to art so I studied Art History in the University College of Dublin.

I was working part time, in the late 1990s, when folk finishes, shabby chic and mural painting were the in thing. I started off painting a fake sky in our family bathroom in Dublin which is still there, I painted a bird in my bedroom which is also still there, then  I painted a couple of puffins in a friend’s bathroom and it ended up being a nice little side business.  I realise now it was the start of my entrepreneurial spirit.  From there I did paint effects on furniture and worked with a girl in London studying under her, and just kept developing the art side.  And then I got an offer from the European Commission – which was like a posh apprenticeship for six months working somewhere in Europe which sounded so great and I imagined all of the glamorous places I could go to.  So I applied to work in a media centre doing journalism and I got posted – to Dublin!   It was like a cruel joke, to be posted to where I lived.  I originally said no, but in the end I did it go ahead with it as it was a paid position.  READ MORE…