When You Grow Up

When You Grow Up

How many times have you been asked or have asked this question:

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

Now days I answer ‘Betty White’, because frankly that woman ROCKS! Yet when I was younger it changed, influenced by adults around me giving me their stories of the life of hard knocks and working hard to earn money being vital for your family.

When I was a pre-schooler I really wanted to be a singer. I was glued to Young Talent time and begged my parents to send me to Johnny Young’s Talent School. This would be met by comments such as ‘don’t be silly’, ‘people don’t make money from singing’, ‘do you want to be homeless and starving’.

My parents both worked in finance and I went to day care full time from the age of 1 because they needed a double income. I was taught that you must work very hard in a job you didn’t like just to scrape by. I was soaking up from them that money was hard to come by and that it was a real drag and completely depressing to earn it.

They wanted what was best for me and they both felt that I needed a strong tertiary education in order to have a better financial chance than they did. They forbid me picking music or art subjects at school, I was strongly discouraged to do any singing or plays and they really pushed me academically.

So I studied top subjects but I hated it. I longed to do art and music. I longed to sing, I was good at it and it made my heart smile. They would have none of it and drummed it in to me that people don’t feed themselves if they don’t work hard.

My true heart passion, my soul goal, was to communicate with spirits. I did this a lot as a child and thought that most everyone did. It wasn’t until I started talking about it when I’d gone passed the ‘imaginary friend’ stage that my parents started telling me I was making up stories and being dramatic. I was often told to stop my nonsense and sent to my room. So I would tell the spirits to go away and throw myself into academia. Years would go by and my psychic abilities would come in strong again, only to be met with less that overjoyed responses from my parents or the Catholic school system and again I would shut it down. So became the pattern of my life.

I rejected my true self to follow a path of achieving many study qualifications and worked a career that was hard only to just scrape by. I honestly believed our lot in life was to work hard, serve, struggle and then die.

I loved my career and healing people but I was hiding a huge part of who I am.

When I grew up I wanted to be me but the fears of the adults around me would come to shape the person I was. A person who quite literally nearly worked herself to death, developed money blocks all over the place and felt that I had to be miserable and exhausted at work. Everyone around me complained about working so hard and no one seemed to be financially free. I rejected the true essence of myself so much so that I chose a career in mental health that truly frowned upon people ‘claiming’ to know the future and speak with the deceased.

My money blocks had become so ingrained that one of my dearest friends is the Queen of busting through money blocks and still I could not roll up my sleaves to do the work.

Now that I am a mother there have been enormous shifts in my being and what I want to believe of the universe. The minute I decided to become a professional psychic/medium a whole new world has opened up for me and my soul is singing once again.

I don’t want for my daughter to work so hard believing she must be miserable as she does so. I want for her to have a deep appreciation of what her soul craves and her heart longs for. It is our childhood dreams that hold the key to what we are here for. As children we are not influenced by fear, societies dictating, ego or social and financial pressures. We are free to be ourselves.

Think about where you are now and if it is a life of creation or existence. Do you want your children to have a greater chance at happiness?

Next time you ask ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ listen to them from your heart and not from your fears.


Rebecca Gibson


Rebecca is a highly qualified Clinical Nurse Specialist who has specialised in mental health nursing and forensic psychiatry for the past 20yrs. Rebecca has worked with many mothers during very difficult times in their lives and helped guide them to reconnecting with their inner being after becoming a mum. Becoming a mother as been profoundly life changing for Rebecca and with the birth of her daughter so too was the birth of her company. Rebecca is a Transformational business coach specialising in helping mothers in business be lovingly assertive in life and business. It is Rebecca’s purpose to allow mothers the space to find authentic self-love and inner peace to bring them into their life purpose. The kind of purpose that sees us mothers collaborate together in bringing peace and a better world for our children to thrive in. www.bubbaluvsandme.com.au