Goal Setting and Motherhood

Active Play Remains A Top Priority For Aussie Parents

A new survey has revealed that trikes and sporting goods are at the top of the shopping list for Australian parents in 2015.

According to the survey commissioned by smarTrike®, over 65 per cent of parents prefer products which encourage physical activity and outdoor play when compared to gaming consoles and indoor toys.

The results indicate that Australia-wide, parents are getting the message that excessive screen time and the associated indoor confinement can have negative impacts on young children. However, the survey also unveiled that an alarming 30 per cent of Aussie kids under three years old are only heading outdoors to play three times a week, and 10 per cent only once a week.

While the results reflect a positive trend in the attitudes of parents when it comes to the health of their children, the reality for many families with young children is that active play outdoors is still limited to only once or twice a week.

Melbourne mum, Katherine Nicolson, with two children under the age of three, said her family will be avoiding toys and electronic gaming devices at the July Toy Sale this year.

“I definitely notice a considerable improvement in the mood of my kids when we are active and spend time outdoors, but it can be difficult to find the time,” Katherine said.

The July Toy Sale provides an opportunity for parents to purchase products which encourage kids to step outside and make them excited about play and discovery.

smarTrike spokesperson, Shavite Kazler, said clever purchases which encourage outdoor play can help parents create opportunities for their children to keep active.

Trikes and bikes are top products of interest for Australian parents this year, with 35 per cent stating they will be making a beeline for these products at the toy sale. But it can be hard for parents to track down products which will facilitate physical activity for toddlers who are still developing their coordination and motor skills.

This year, parents can keep an eye out for the new smarTrike Explorer 5 Trikes in 1, which transforms in five different ways ensuring toddlers are developing motor skills and coordination on the go.
“Replacing our standard stroller with a more versatile option would not only inspire more trips to the park but allows my kids to be an active part of the journey as well,” Katherine added.

Suitable for children aged 10 – 36 months, grows with children until they are ready to transition into riding a bike or scooter on their own, while still having all the important and practical benefits of a stroller. Features include interchangeable parent or child control, 110° reclining seat, 360° full swivel wheel design, rear storage bag , UV protective canopy and inbuilt toy phone.

“These versatile options can facilitate steering and pedalling to enable physical exertion for toddler who are too often idle or restless in a pram or stroller,” Shavite said.