Author/Illustrator Spotlight- Jo Witek and Christine Roussey

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Rebecca Teaupa from The Little Reading Room has the pleasure of reading and reviewing wonderful children’s books. Here she puts an Author/Illustrator Spotlight on Jo Witek and Christine Roussey…

Jo Witek and Christine Roussey are an unstoppable duo, highly popular with both parents and children. With Roussey’s recognisable, colourful illustrations and Witek’s thoughtful and relatable subject matter, the duo can really do no wrong. Parents are flocking to purchase their books and I have all three on our bookshelf!


In My Heart

A Book of Feelings

 in my heart


A young girl describes herself as being full of feelings, big feelings, small feelings, loud feelings and quiet feelings. Her heart is like a house and her feelings live inside.

In My Heart is a wonderful journey into a little girl’s heart, as she describes her feelings in the most imaginative way. The text and illustrations compliment each other perfectly. When demonstrating how calmness feels, she is seen floating along on the string of a balloon and when she speaks of feeling hurt, she dresses herself as a nurse to mend her heart. The book also contains an important message for young readers about the likelihood of feeling multiple emotions at any given time and also a very touching reminder that even when one’s heart is sad, it doesn’t stay that way for long and like springtime after winter, the sun comes out again.

In My Heart is recommended for pre-school readers, approximately 2 to 6 years and is a wonderful introduction to emotions, in a child-friendly and visually stunning way.


Hello in There!

A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting

Hello in there 


A big sister is waiting for the baby in her mother’s belly to arrive. She wonders what the baby will look like, if the baby can hear her and if the baby is sleeping. She has lots of fun things planned for when the baby arrives and even dresses up especially to wait.

Hello in There! is a beautiful book about a big sister who is very excited to meet her younger sibling. Christine Roussey’s stunning illustrations depict the girl as she goes about her daily tasks, thinking of the baby at all times. Each double page contains an illustration and an interactive flap hiding the baby from view, which increases in size as the book advances and the baby grows.

Hello in There! is recommended for young readers, aged 2 to 6 years and is the perfect gift for a soon-to-be older sibling. Young children will love its interactive nature and will be flipping through the book excitedly to see what the baby looks like and what it is doing on each page.


Brave as Can Be

A Book of Courage

 brave as can be

A young girl once had a pile of fears as big as a mountain, but she is older now and her mountain of fears doesn’t look so huge anymore.

A young girl explains all of the things she was afraid of when she was younger, for example, a thunderstorm or a barking dog, which will be undoubtedly familiar and relatable to younger readers. The young girl, however, explains how she has overcome her fears with ingenious solutions, such as, super-powered, danger-proof pajamas so she is no longer afraid of the dark. Christine Roussey’s illustrations are absolutely stunning, as the girl’s fears are depicted as larger than life characters. The illustrations incorporate cut out portions and the different shapes connect to other pages, adding an element of interaction and fun to the subject matter.

Brave as Can Be is recommended for children aged 2 to 6 years and is a great book for children who may have expressed something they fear, but be unsure about how to cope with it. The illustrations are delightful and children will love exploring the imagery and simple text.


These reviews are by Rebecca Teaupa: The Little Reading Room


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