Boy Stylin’

Got a little man in your life, or are about to have one?

Diana Rogaris of Little Gents Store reveals her top four tips to styling your lil’ dude to perfection.



Boys will be boys. If they are not comfortable in what you have put them in, one of two things will happen:

(a) They will whinge, possibly roll around on the floor or tug at their clothes until something rips until you submit and redress them, OR
(b) They will just start to undress themselves.

Lets face it mamas, who needs this?

It is so important that you are dressing for them. Boys are wild, and we love that! So, just make sure they are comfy.



You can’t go wrong with basic key pieces for the season that you know you will be able to mix and match – plain tees, a crisp white shirt, or a plain onesie bodysuit for your little guy. Keep things simple. Kids grow quicker than we want or expect, so don’t get too caught up in the absolute latest trends.

Invest in versatile, modern pieces that you can mix and match to create something new. With these classic pieces on hand it will make it easy to tailor an outfit by dressing it up or down.

For example, a plain white tee can be matched with a pair of skinny jeans and some hightop shoes for an afternoon out, and then matched with a blazer maybe even a scarf when the afternoon turns to evening.

ass16-0339-resaved 3. ACCESSORISE

Never under estimate the power of accessories for a bit of fun. The impact and novelty or a striking scarf or trucker cap can change a whole outfit. For example, a pair of suspenders can either be worn to dress up a look over a crisp shirt or for a more casual look, drop them to the waist to let them hang with some jeans and a statement tee.



Often a big heavy sweater or coat just isn’t practical for a little guy on the run. Layering helps to ensure that you can dress them up or down with weather changes.

For the cooler weather, start with a long sleeve and throw a contrasting tee over the top. A button-up tee can keep your little man warm by ensuring flexibility. Then for the warmer weather, go with a tank singlet and have a tee on hand in case of any sudden changes.


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*Prepare to lose your mind. We did.