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Kids love bikes. There’s no doubt about it – it forms the backbone to many a childhood memory. But choosing the right kids bike can be difficult. However, if you are looking for the ultimate bike in terms of style and design, we couldn’t recommend ByK Bikes more highly.

Started by Melbourne father of three, Warren Key, ByK has completely innovated the kids bike market with a range of bikes that are ergonomically designed for kids growing bodies and their different proportions to an adult. We love a disruptor!

So, why do we love them (apart from the fact that they look super cool)?

ByK cater for kids from 2-14 years. As well as their ever popular E-350 & E-450 bikes, their range includes balance bikes, mountain bikes, retro styles, commuters, and road bikes (early next year they are also introducing a hybrid mountain/road bike) – so there is something for everyone.

Most kids bikes tend to be very heavy, making them hard for kids to ride. One of the biggest design factors with a ByK bike is weight. It is one of the lightest kids bikes on the market.

In addition to the weight of a ByK bike, the rider on a ByK has also been lowered deeper into the wheels. This makes the centre of gravity lower and the rider more stable. In addition, a ByK’s wheels are bigger for superior dynamics, and the frame design is unique in length, making ByK bikes both easier to ride and safer than most other kids bikes on the market.

ByK don’t offer a ‘girls’ & ‘boys’ range. All their bikes are designed for both girls and boys.

ByK offer a great range of accessories, including skate helmets, traditional cycling helmets, gloves, baskets, bike locks and water bottles, so it is easy to get everything you need (and have it co-ordinated).

You can check out their range at



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