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Littleone Magazine Editor and Owner, Genine Howard has set the challenge to get her pre-baby body back and kick her sugar addiction. Join Genine as she commits to 12-week online fitness program, Body Beyond Birth …

I have a confession. I am an addict … to sugar. And cake. And chocolate, ice creams, hot chocolate, donuts … you name any sugary-laden treats and I will eat it.

I never used to be a sugar addict, in fact far from it. Prior to my first pregnancy with my son Jack (now 2.5 years old) I was at my peak fitness eating minimal carbs, loads of protein, nuts, salads, veg and training like a powerhouse. I was even back at personal training a couple of months after giving birth.


A move to Melbourne and a having just recently given birth to baby Frankie Grace means that no longer do I have my personal trainer (miss you Sammy Pluck!), but this pregnancy I found a severe craving for all things sweet. There’s something to be said for the nursery rhyme, “Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of”. In my case, Frankie is a heavenly slice of cheesecake with lemon frosting.

So now that Frankie is four and a half months old (and just cut her first tooth, my lord!) my brain is telling me it is time to get off the ‘good stuff’ and get back into exercise and eating right. It’s time to start respecting my body again.

How many of you have also gone off on a sugar-laden pregnancy fest? It’s an easy trap to fall into. I feel that because I felt like I had lost a certain few luxuries in life (like going to the toilet alone, sleeping more than six hours in a row and the odd glass or two of Champagne) I needed to replace it with some other indulgence. And because I have been working since the moment Frankie popped out (fittingly, in my office … but that’s another story) I have really let myself go in the health and fitness department.

But no more!

Today I signed up for an online fitness program specially designed for post-birth mummas. My commitment has been made on my road to getting back my body AND creating a healthy diet for myself and for my breast-fed bubba. See, the proof is right here!

Body Beyond Birth

The first step has been taken to commit to reignite my passion for living in a healthy, strong, lean body!

Now this is really a momentous occasion as my addiction is still ripe like a juicy peach – just tonight as my husband left for the theatre (actor not doctor if you were wondering) he asked if I wanted him to bring me home “something nice”. Before he could get the “c” and the “e” out I had already confirmed my acceptance of his offer. It wasn’t until he pointed out my addiction that I remembered – Yes, I am kicking the sugar habit and getting my body back!

As you can see, this 12-week online program has it’s work cut out for it (or rather, I do I guess!).

So why Body Beyond Birth online program?

I chose Body Beyond Birth online program because not only do I love the fact it gives you daily exercises and recipes, it also is designed to fuel your mind. I love a good meditation and was excited to see the course offers a number of meditations to help guide me and keep me on target for my goal. As we all know, fitness and health is predominately mind over matter, and I know that it is crucial for me to keep my mind on track for success.

The other thing I love about the course is that all the activities are pilates and yoga-based. After two babies I couldn’t think of anything worse that running right now as everything is a bit ‘loosey goosey’. I feel that strengthening my core is really where my future health lies. I was also attracted to the two entrepreneurial gals who have started Body Beyond Birth – Jackie Steel and Becky Dyer. Click HERE to find out more about them. They are mothers who have specially designed this course for mothers and are certified in what they do. I feel like I am in good hands.

Jackie and Becky Body Beyond Birth

So tonight is the last night of the sugar-addicted, cake-eating, chocolate-gobbling me and hello to the new strong, confident, healthy moi!

I’d love for you to follow my journey AND to sign up too! Click HERE if you want to join Body Beyond Birth.

Otherwise please share, comment and report on your own progress … or not-so-much progress! Either way we can be in it together and encourage each other to keep going.

See for me, at 41 years of age (nearly 42 …) and being mother to two under three years AND running both Littleone Magazine and my coaching practice for entrepreneurial mums in business I need to always be at my best – in my best mindset, my best self as a business woman, wife and mother. And that all starts with respecting my body and my health. I want to be a role model for my children and be an active mum for as long as I possibly can. And the best thing I can give my child is my health.

Who’s with me?!

Stay-tuned for my Base-Line tests, measurements and the dreaded ‘Before’ photo.

Here’s to my health and yours,

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Genine Howard Editor Littleone Magazine