A Little Space – Riley, Imogen & Mila’s playroom

MEET Riley, Imogen and Mila

Who lives here? Rebecca, 38; Stephen, 48; Riley, 10; Imogen, 6 and Mila, 2

Where? Melbourne

Design Aesthetic: Modern & Calm     Photography: Yvonne Qumi & Rebecca Emmerson

Today’s special space is the fabulous playroom of three gorgeous littles – Riley, Imogen and Mila.  “When we renovated our house five years ago we really wanted to build a playroom where we could keep the children’s toys,” explains mum, Bec.  “We wanted it to be a fun and colourful space that they would be happy playing in and, as the kids got older, a space that they could do homework uninterrupted.  The girls spend hours drawing and colouring, so we decided to change the room to a calm and quiet space where the children could do all of these things.  I also wanted to incorporate a comfortable daybed where they cold relax, read a book or watch TV.  Riley spends hours playing with his Lego, so I also wanted a table where he could build and let his imagination run wild.”

rim playroom 01

rim playroom 02

Rebecca worked with Nicole from Little Liberty to create a beautiful space that ticked all of the boxes.  “I think it is so important for children to have a space of their own.  Somewhere they can come home to and switch off from the busy-ness of every day life.  Riley and Imogen both love to read so often they curl up on the daybed and read a book, or the girls will colour in while Riley plays with his Lego.  Downtime is just so important.”

Bec loves charcoals and greys and felt that they would work great for a boys’ or a girls’ space.  “The green was the perfect splash of colour.”

rim playroom 03

rim playroom 04

rim playroom 05

Bec has loved having a playroom as all three of the children’s toys and books are all in the one space.  “We actually haven’t changed the décor in our home too much since having kids.  Although I am looking forward to the day that we can get a lovely fabric couch,” she laughs.  “We are sticking to leather until we no longer have sticky little hands around!”

As the children grow and their family is complete, Bec is looking forward to moving into the next stage of life with kids.  “I honestly can’t imagine another little person running around our house!  Riley and Imogen are at different schools and Mila will be starting kindergarten next year.  Combined with after school activities (Riley does martial arts, chess and football; Imogen does netball and violin and both of them do tennis and swimming), play dates and birthday parties, life with our three is getting very busy.”

rim playroom 06

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Whilst Bec says that she finds something to love in every stage that the children reach, she admits that Mila, at two and a half, is a particularly lovely age.  “Seeing the world through her eyes is so special.  She is discovering new things, talking and really becoming her own little person.”

“Imogen is such a sweet sensitive soul with the biggest heart.  She has such a love of life and loves to make sure that everyone is happy and OK.  Riley is my old soul – he has an amazing sense of humour and such a kind heart.  I just love sharing my life with my three and I can’t describe the love and pride that I feel for each one of them.  I love watching them grow and I feel lucky everyday that they are mine.”

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As grateful as Bec is, she is not immune to the pressures of parenthood.  “I feel like I have these three precious little lives in my hands and I really want to get everything right and guide them to become the amazing people that I know they will be.  You learn as you go though, and life is messy, so you don’t always get everything right.”

“I was so lucky to grow up in a happy and loving family,” says Bec.  “I adore my mum and always knew that I wanted to create the same loving environment that I grew up in.”

It sounds like Bec is doing just that!  Thanks for sharing Riley, Imogen and Mila and their stylish playroom with us all.

And if you are interested in speaking with a designer about a special kids space, check out more of what Nicole has to offer at Little Liberty.

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  1. The pods on the desk.  They hold pencils and stationary, they look great and eliminate any clutter on the desktop.
  2. The grey storage boxes.  Riley has an enormous amount of Lego so these boxes are a fantastic way to store this and they also look really beautiful in the room.
  3. The print on the wall.  It is all about life and living your dreams.  I love that these inspiring words are there for them to read every day.
  4. The daybed.  The perfect place for my three to chill out and relax with a box or snuggle up together and watch a movie.
  5. The green pendant light.  Simple because it looks so beautiful in the room.



  1. Books.  Riley and Imogen both have a real love of books and Mila loves listening to stories.  I love that they can escape into a book to relax and switch off from the world.
  2. My Canon Eos camera.  I am constantly taking photos of my children.  I love to capture all of those special moments and my camera takes a beautiful photo without me being that great with a camera!
  3. Lego.  Riley spends house and hours making all sorts of creations with this Lego.  I love that it brings out him amazing imagination and it is the perfect way for him to unwind and have some time to himself.
  4. iPad.  I cannot live without my iPad.  I use it to store all of my photos that I take of our children and I use iMovie to make movies and slideshows that the children love to watch.  It is also perfect to download lots of Peppa Pig for Mila to watch!
  5. Our pool.  When we renovated our house, we put a pool in that has been just perfect over the summer.  The children spend hours swimming and I love it when I can hear all the fun and laughter in the backyard.

rim playroom 11


Relax and enjoy your children as much as possible.  It is very easy to put pressure on yourself about so many things when it comes to parenting.  Trust your instincts as a mother and don’t compare your children to each other or anyone else.  Each of my children are so different from one another and I have had to work out what works for each one individually.  Also, take up any offers of help and accept that you can’t do everything on your own.  And finally, embrace each child’s unique personality.  Help them strive to become the best person that they can be.