A Little Space – Myles & Lily Rose’s rooms

Meet Myles and Lily Rose

Who lives here? Skye, 38; Anthony, 49; Myles, 7 and Lily Rose, 3

Where? Sydney

Aesthetic: Traditionally Sweet


Mother of two, Skye, says that she can’t believe how blessed she has been to become mother to son, Myles, and daughter, Lily Rose.  “We actually had difficulty conceiving both of our children so I feel so fortunate to have two healthy and happy kids.  To have the opportunity to parent a son and a daughter and experience the gift of those relationships is simply amazing.”

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Watching her children grow has been something that Skye continues to delight in.  “I did love that newborn stage,” she admits. “They are so beautifully tiny and they have that gorgeous baby smell.  But, I do love the ages they are now as well.  Lily Rose has always been an active, yet easy-going child and as she is increasing her vocabulary she is saying the funniest things!  A really cheeky little personality is emerging and it makes us laugh so much.  Myles has always been quite a sensitive soul but he has really come into his own over this last year and is developing a lovely confidence which is beautiful to watch.”

Like all parents, Skye says she still has challenges and moments of questioning her skills as mama.  “Parenthood definitely isn’t easy and a lot of people won’t admit that.  The lack of sleep…the lack of time to yourself…the financial strain of being a family…juggling their demands and reassuring fragile emotions, it all takes so much work and patience, but at the end of the day you have created a wonderful little human being that adores you.”

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“Discipline is actually a real challenge for me.  I never thought that I would yell so much as a parent, or feel so bewildered when I am absolutely worn out from trying to reason with little ones who simply won’t do what you ask!” Skye says.  “It is a constant learning process for both child and adult, and both parents together as well.  I have found that three warnings usually will suffice though, especially if threats of no play station, no play dates and no sleeping in mum and dad’s bed on the weekend are given!”

“I love being a mother though, and try my best to give them everything they need to thrive,” explains Skye.  “I’m not perfect and have bad days when the house looks like a bomb has hit it and I’ve already vacuumed three times, but the good times are more frequent and those are the memories I cherish.  Their contagious laughter when I tickle them, pillow fights, cubby house building, baking yummy treats and crazy disco dancing to the latest pop song – these are all things that I will remember as they grow.”

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When it came to creating a home for their family, Skye and Anthony made the big move to their current family home when they were expecting Lily Rose.  “We were living in a two bedroom art deco apartment in Bondi and Myles was four when I found out we were expecting Lily Rose,” Skye says.  “We moved to a four bedroom townhouse in Sydney’s northern beaches and whilst the coastal ‘Hamptons’ look that I have always loved hasn’t changed, I am regretting not getting a practical leather modular rather than the oversized white couches that I got 10 years ago – they are well and truly showing their vintage now!”

A new baby on the horizon – and a little girl to boot – triggered all of Skye’s pastel fantasies.  “Forever the researcher, I had accumulated folders with interior magazine clippings and spent my entire pregnancy devouring beautiful designs that I could translate into Lily Rose’s small space.  I started with the cot we already had – a white wooden sleigh by Treeehouse – and grew the room from there.  I knew that it was going to feature my favourite girly colours of pastel pink, fresh greens and mushroom with touches of white.  In the last year, as Lily Rose started climbing out of her cot, we swapped it for a sweet, inexpensive cream metal bed from Domayne.”

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“Myles’ room is still very much a work in progress.  Partly due to budget, and partly due to not being able to find the exact pieces that I would like.  Originally his room was traditional blue, white and navy with beige accents.  As he has grown and is actively expressive in his style we are working with bright lime green, blue, turquoise, black and pops of red with white furniture.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect streamline bed with a trundle!  I have my eye on a delicious felt ball rug to match his vibrant walls but as it is nearly $400, that is one investment piece that may never make it into the current room design!”

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“I have always loved decorating and I wanted both of my kids to love their rooms.  I remember as a child that my bedroom was my sanctuary and for children I think that it is so important for them to have a place of their own to feel relaxed and inspired.  At the moment, the kids’ rooms are both bedroom and playroom,” says Skye. “Myles spends hours in his room building Lego, reading, watching movies and playing computer games and Lily Rose is finding her new dolls’ house an incentive to spend time alone in her room. The fourth bedroom was always going to be the ‘everything room’ but at the moment it is my work space, a drum studio for the boys and a junk room!  My vision is that it will some day be a beautiful home office for Anthony and I with room for a comfy sofa bed for guests…or perhaps just a consulting couch for when the kids need to confess their secrets to mummy!”

If you are interested in seeing more of Skye’s sweet children’s giftware range and lovely designs, have a look at her facebook page.  Thanks for sharing your story and your gorgeous children’s spaces!

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  1. Desk hutch/storage wall in Myles’ room.  I got it from Officeworks and it is great for keeping things tidy.  Like the Ikea storage boxes under his bed – life is just easier when you have places to put everything!
  2. The Lego head in Myles’ room.  So useful and looks quite cool too.
  3. The Star Wars prints in Myles’ room.  I got these from ReStyle on Etsy and they are so unique.
  4. The Little Pearls Designs Fabric pinboards and artworks.  A great way to add interest and colour to a space.
  5. The Hooked Design Rug in Lily Rose’s room.  It is a statement piece and so pretty.
  6. Lily Rose’s bed.  I just love it and its vintage look.  It was a bargain price too!

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  1. iPad.  We bought it for the family but the kids definitely use it the most.  They both like to watch their favourite ABC Kids shows on it and we have a lot of learning apps that are good for ‘quiet time’.
  2. Aldi.  It’s our local supermarket and less than five minutes walk from our house and it is a Godsend for the family budget!  They have great toys, electronics, kids clothing, furniture and lots of food basics that are perfect for a family on one income.
  3. Gold Frog 2 in 1 Butterfly Backpack Harness.  Lily Rose is very active and loves being independent so this was a reluctant purchase, as I never like the idea of having her contained.  For her safety though, I really had no choice.  She is a lot better now and we don’t use it has much as we did when she was going through the terrible two’s, but it is certainly worth its money for peace of mind – especially when we are shopping at the markets.
  4. Bugaboo stroller.  I don’t drive so the kids and I walk everywhere.  A good quality stroller is essential and even though our Bugaboo is seven years old now, it is still a lifesaver for the school run and has loads of storage for grocery shopping.
  5. Dyson Hand Held Mini Vacuum.  Kids = Mess!  Need I say more!