A Little Celebration – Quinn’s 1st & Sonny’s 4th Birthday


Birthday boys: Quinn, 1 & Sonny, 4

Mum: Shona, 27     Dad: Mathew, 38     Brother: Rudy, 2

Theme: Little Man

I don’t think that I have ever come across a girl quite like our assistant editor, Shona.  She has three beautiful little boys, works incredibly hard and some how always manages to be happy, calm and full of positivity!  I knew when she was planning her littlest little’s first birthday and decided to combine it with her biggest little’s fourth celebration that it would be full of love and special ideas…and I wasn’t wrong!

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“Sonny is the eldest of my boys and Quinn is the baby – their birthdays are only two days apart, so we decided to have a joint birthday party,” Shona explains.  “Sonny had a small party on the night of his actual birthday with his bestie, so he was more than happy to share, because it meant he got two parties!”

Looking for a theme that would suit both a first birthday and a fourth, Shona settled on ‘little man’.  “There is so much out there at the moment, so I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble finding things for the day.  It is such a sweet idea too – especially given that it was a pretty special birthday for both boys.”

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Shona is a big believer in keeping it simple – not only does that mean it is less stressful for her, but it also means maximum impact with minimum fuss.  “Everything was black, blue, yellow and white with stripes as a print throughout.  I used some striped wrapping paper for behind the dessert table, and stuck on some moustaches that I had found a free printable for online.  I used the same paper, but in blue, for the kids’ table and I stuck another moustache (again, a free printable online) on the yellow striped straws.  I used black and white striped Paper Eskimo plates and cups and also set up a little photobooth area in one corner – again, I found most of the props for free online.”

“Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous has some lovely Little Man invites that I used, and I was inspired by the cake that she had created for her own son.  It was actually ridiculously easy, so it worked for me!” Shona says.  “The rest of the dessert table was kept very simple – I made some moustache cookies, chocolate lollipops and cupcakes and put some lollies in jars for the kids (and adults!) to fill their favour bags with.”

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“The boys looked so cute – I found a Littlehorn tee for Sonny with ‘No Way Jose’ and a moustache on it, and some cute moustache leggings for Rudy and Quinn.  I was very lucky as there is plenty of moustache clothing out there at the moment!”

“We had about 12 kids at the party and regardless of age, they all loved the photobooth!  The had such fun with it – I wasn’t sure if they would really go for it as some of them were quite young, but they all had a ball.”

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The whole day was definitely a beautiful first party for baby Quinn.  “It can get pretty busy with three at times, but mostly I love it.  Watching them interact and play together is beautiful.  It almost always ends in fights or tears from someone,” Shona laughs.  “But it is gorgeous to watch before that happens.”


Fill the space with balloons!  My boys don’t consider it a true party without balloons, and it is a really inexpensive and fun way to create atmosphere.  It also means there is always something for the kids to play with at the party!

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Try to do as much of the decoration preparation as early as possible.  I had all of the photo booth props printed and cut out and ready to go, and all the moustache’s on the straws very early on.  Then, I only needed to worry about cooking and setting up the table the night before.  I try to keep everything very simple and stick to the colour theme throughout.

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Invitations: Style Me Gorgeous

Paper plates, cups, straws: Paper Eskimo

Favour bags, straws, baking cases: Sweet Style

Photobooth printables: Mckensie Smith blog