A Little Celebration – Emily & Sophie’s 4th Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily & Sophie!

Emily’s Mum: Melissa  Emily’s Dad: Scott

Sophie’s Mum: Lisa   Sophie’s Dad: Scott  Sophie’s Little Sister: Evie, 2

Theme: Cowgirls & Ponies

Photographer: Lisa Nolan


Best friends Sophie and Emily celebrate their birthday just a few weeks apart, so when it was time to start planning for a fourth birthday party their mums, Lisa and Melissa, decided that combining their special day was the perfect idea.  “The both love horses, so we decided a pony party would be perfect,” Sophie’s mum, Lisa, explains.  “They both love to dance, dressing up and playing with their vast collection of Lalaloopsys.  Both girls are also keen gardeners and love to plant flowers in their fairy gardens.”

sophie emily 4th 01

sophie emily 4th 02

sophie emily 4th 03


“This is such an amazing age,” says Emily’s mum, Melissa.  “We are so enjoying the girls being four.  They have so much fun together and they amaze us all the time with how much they know and the cute comments that they make.”

Lisa and Melissa worked together planning the party and decided to hold a party in the park.  “We hired two ponies and the kids had great fun running wild,” Lisa says.  “They ate cupcakes, chocolate haystacks, fruit and hot dogs and were able to ride the ponies for a few hours.  It was just perfect.”

sophie emily 4th 04

sophie emily 4th 05

sophie emily 4th 06

sophie emily 4th 07

With matching dresses by Shelli Morse Designs, Emily and Sophie celebrated their birthday with close friends and family.  “We made a number four pony cake but it was definitely the real life ponies that the girls were most impressed with,” laughs Melissa.  “The ponies even had stars painted on them…super cute!”

sophie emily 4th 08

sophie emily 4th 09

sophie emily 4th 10

sophie emily 4th 11

sophie emily 4th 12

sophie emily 4th 13

How wonderful for two special friends to share a party.  Thanks for sharing girls – I just love those cupcakes with the horses on the ‘grass’, and the divine necklaces with the pony image…so many sweet ideas.



All of Sophie and Emily’s friends were given cowgirl hats and scarves with matching pony brooches.  The party bags had a cowgirl themed cookie, a cowgirl boot bracelet and a sheriff’s badge so they really took the party home with them.

sophie emily 4th 14

sophie emily 4th 15

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sophie emily 4th 17

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sophie emily 4th 19


Be organized and prepared for anything that might unexpectedly happen.  Let the kids pick the theme and really roll with it – it’s so much fun!



Invitations: www.facebook.com/partylibrary

Dresses and hair clips: www.shellimorsedesign.com

Photography: www.imagesoflifebylisa.com.au

Ponies: www.poniesponiesponies.com.au

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