A Little Photo Story – 10 Day Old Henry

All photography by Karen Ashcroft.

There is something so special about a brand new babe and that adorable ‘newborn’ look really only lasts about a week or two before their features start to change, they become more alert and start being more of a baby than a newborn!   For talented Sydney photographer, Karen Ashcroft, this early time is one of her favourites to capture and she was so thrilled to photograph adorable little 10 day old, Henry.  “My ultimate goal is always to create a beautiful portfolio for my clients that will document the sheer beauty of their baby’s new life,” Karen explains.  “Recording their baby’s uniqueness, and also to capture the newborn in front of me in the same way my clients see him, means that it is really important to me that each photograph has meaning and evokes emotion.  I really try to always create an image that will take my client’s breath away!”

Karen, who has taken some gorgeous images over the last few years for LittleONE Magazine as well, says she really loves the newborn stage.  “This time is just so special and emotional, but also so fleeting.  You often look back and it is a blur, so I like to be able to create those memories.  My style is natural and simple and I am always directed by the behaviour of the newborn – their personality is what really makes the shoot.”

“They are all so different and Henry was perfect.  He was very calm and laid back and loved to hold his hands up by his face and also have them up high by head.  I prefer to work with the positions that the newborns find themselves and most newborns are very much curled into a little ball like they are still in the womb. Henry was very happy to take advantage of his new found space though and loved to stretch – very cute!”

Karen recommends having your newborn photographed between six and 10 days old to get that curled up, sleepy look.  “This phase does pass really quickly though and to be honest, any time is good for newborn photography and gorgeous portraits can be taken at any age.”  Karen often books sessions when mum is still pregnant, making a tentative date and time around the due date.  “Newborns are unpredictable though so I only book a few a month to ensure that I can be there when I need to be!”

Beautiful images and excellent service to boot!  Thanks so much, Karen – Henry is simply divine and it is amazing how images can tell you so much about one little person – and that little smile at the end is just the best.  You can contact Karen through her website or email her at [email protected]

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