A Little Space – Creating A Room With Incy Interiors

Creating a room for your little one can be great fun!  Not only are there some gorgeous little items out there these days, but there really are no rules.  It is all about injecting your personality (and your little one’s as well) into a space that makes everyone feel good.  The main aim of decorating a child’s room is creating an environment where they really want to be.  A place they can be safe, creative and a place that is just for them.  However, starting anything from scratch can often be overwhelming – and a room is no different.

One of the most gorgeous companies creating kids’ furniture in Australia right now is Incy Interiors.  Their modern take on traditional pieces is perfect for every kind of home and style and their simple aesthetic makes for an ideal base for any child’s room.  Kristy, the clever gal behind Incy, has shared some gorgeous rooms with us – styled with Incy products – and also a bit of advice on how to create a room that is perfect for you!

First, start with a bed.  Often, the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room.  This means that your choice here will often dictate style and colour for the rest of the space.  Many people may choose a basic bed and base for their child – and this can be a practical option as well – but kids do love a bed head, and space for storage underneath the bed is always a bonus as well.

incy 01

Next, consider storage.  If you have built in robes then this might not be as important but shelves, bedside tables and drawers can mean a solution to all sorts of clutter – from clothes to toys and books.  Items that will grow with a child is also a safe investment – that Thomas the Tank shelf might be cute now, but is your little one still going to be happy with it in three years time?

incy 02

Seating is a great idea.  Kids don’t always want to sit on their bed – particularly for reading.  They also love to have friends over and a place for mum or dad to sit and chat or read books at the end of the day is always helpful.  Incy Egg chairs are fabulous – even the kid’s ones fit an adult comfortably – and once your little one has grown, the chairs will fit well in other rooms in your home.  This gorgeous Egg chair is actually a rocker (I know! Amazing, right?) which means that it would be a perfect buy when you have your baby…somewhere to nurse in, then a special chair for your child’s room as they get older.

incy 03

Finally, pull it all together with accessories.  This is where you let your personality shine – artwork, rugs, linen and all of your child’s special items that are perfect for display.

incy 04

Kristy’s top three tips for a great space:

* think about your child.  What do they like?  How will they use the room?

* consider functionality.  Look at storage, room layout, furniture needed, etc.  These are all boring things to consider but these are the things that will determine if a room works well or not.

* have fun! It’s a child’s room, so this is really the room in the house that you can have the most fun with.  Go crazy with furniture and accessories.  Always spend as much as you can afford on good quality furniture that will last and then use accessories and wall art to add personality to the room.

Check out some more gorgeous kid’s spaces from Incy… and see their complete range at www.incyinteriors.com.au

incy 05

incy 06

incy 07

incy 08

incy 10

incy 09

incy 11

incy 12

incy 13

incy 14

incy 15

And some lovely shared rooms:

incy 16

incy 17

incy 21

incy 19

incy 20

And some beautiful nurseries as well:

incy 22

incy 23

incy 24

incy 26

incy 25

incy 27

incy 29

incy 28

incy 30

Thanks Kristy!  So very inspirational.  We adore Incy…so many beautiful items.