A Little Celebration – Remy’s 1st Birthday


Mum: Gillian, 31  Dad: Lee, 34

Theme: Colour & Fun


Sweet little Remy is currently starring (alongside her beautiful room) in the current issue of LittleONE Baby, and it seems that her mum, Gillian, has skills that extend beyond decorating!  This gorgeous party is filled with colour and life and was the perfect way to celebrate Remy’s first trip around the sun!

“Remy loves bright colours and when I found some bright pink and yellow fans in a discount store, I thought they would be just the sort of thing that Remy would adore,” explains Gillian.  “The theme really just grew from there.  From that one purchase, the colour scheme became predominantly pink and yellow.”

remy 01

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“I just love planning a party although we thought initially that we would have a small party with minimal fuss and little effort going into decorating.  However after the fun that I had planning my 31st (Gillian was pregnant with Remy for her 30th so compensated with a big night 12 months on!), we decided to put a little more effort into it.”

Gillian made the invitations herself using Momento software and images taken throughout Remy’s first year and she sourced most of the decorations for the party at a local discount store.  “I made the pom poms and birthday banner and also made party favours using little glass jars and thank you stamps.”

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If there was one thing that Gillian was determined to make herself though, it was the birthday cake.  “Making it gave me such great joy,” Gillian says.  “When I was little, a family friend always made the most wonderfully creative cakes for me and my sister.  They brought me such joy and I love looking back at the pictures over the years.  Homemade cakes give me such a sense of satisfaction and I think they taste better too!  I just had to prepare for the fact that it could be a disaster so I made two cakes just in case.  I made a sponge a week before and froze it – that was my back up cake.  Remy doesn’t usually eat sweets and consequently I wanted to provide food that was healthy and not overloaded with sugar and additives.  I attempted a cake that was a little healthier than average – spiced carrot, almond and coconut.  I made a butter icing in a light pink hue using the Queen brand natural extracts and after piping the icing on, I finished with pink and yellow roses.”

“Remy received so many wonderful gifts,” says Gillian.  “She loves reading above all though, so Lee and I had a book made by Telling Tales which has her photo and name mentioned on every page.”

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With a wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes, Gillian chose a sweet dress given to Remy by Gillian’s aunty when Remy was born as a special birthday outfit.  “Remy had such a wonderful day playing with family and friends.  It was so lovely for Lee and I to reflect back on the year that was too – it went very quickly!  We really appreciated everyone that we love making the effort to come along.”

Gillian admits that the first 12 months of Remy’s life hasn’t been without its challenges.  “It definitely takes a little getting used to – having someone else reliant on you every hour of every day.  Watching her grow though, and the journey into parenthood, has been truly amazing.”

Thanks for sharing Remy’s special day, Gillian – you did an amazing job!

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With a few exceptions, Gillian made most aspects of the party and decorations herself – not only did this make the day sentimental and memorable, but it also meant the party wasn’t outrageously expensive.  Following Gillian’s own very successful roaring 20’s themed 31st birthday party, many guests were half expecting a fancy dress theme, but Gillian decided to make it easy (yet still fun) by requesting that guests wear ‘a beautiful or daring hat, headpiece or mask’.  Remy’s own special headpiece was a gorgeous birthday crown that Gillian sourced on etsy.com and then Gillian made a matching fascinator.



Be extremely organised so that you can just relax and enjoy the day!

Enlist help where needed – Remy’s grandparents made a lot of the savoury food for the party and that helped immensely, and my sister made the beautiful cupcakes.

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Remy’s crown http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopLovelyJane

12 month chalkboard print http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/PinkPoppyDesign

Cookies http://www.sweetnpretty.com.au

Invites http://www.momento.com.au

Personalised book http://www.tellingtales.com.au