A Little Space – Olivia & Archer’s rooms

Who lives here? Yvette, 40; Brendan, 41; Lachlan, 13; Olivia, 11 and Archer, 4

Where? Melbourne

Aesthetic: Sweet and stylish


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Instagram.  I definitely have moments where I wonder how these people with small children have the time to create such beautiful images (and always seem to have such lovely light and white backgrounds!) but mostly, I love finding people who are loving life and sharing the wonderful things they love with the world.



One such clever Instagrammer is Yvette who not only has a wonderful eye for design and colour but who is also mama of the most two most gorgeous little blonde haired little people – Olivia and Archer (13 year old Lachlan rounds out the family and is no doubt gorgeous too…but possibly not at all interested in all things little!)  “All of my kids are blonde, blue eyed and very tall…the height definitely comes from my husband’s side of the family, not mine,” laughs Yvette.  “They are also all very artistic though, and I like to think that comes from me.”

Artistic indeed, Yvette really has a knack for creating a gorgeous space and her kids’ rooms are no exception.  “All of the children’s bedrooms have been a work in progress,” she explains.  “Archer’s bedroom started when I was pregnant with him five years ago.  It has changed from a nursery to a real little boy’s room now.  Olivia’s room was a surprise make over for her ninth birthday and as she grows it is continuing to evolve.”



Horse-mad Olivia’s room is based around the gorgeous wallpaper and the accessories in the space will change as she moves into her teenage years.  “I wanted Archer’s room to grow with him as well, so I kept it fairly basic – white with pops of blue and red.”

With three busy kids, Yvette says that her family is definitely complete now.  “I think you just know in your heart that you are ‘done’ and three is the perfect number for our family.  Archer is such a sweetie – I think four is a great age.  They are so loving, innocent and eager to please.  Olivia is 11 now and she is so eager to learn about things.  She is great to shop with now too!  Lachlan is really growing up – at 13 he is helping a lot with Archer and is really becoming very responsible.”

Having a four year old and a teenager keeps Yvette busy, and has created challenges that she wasn’t expecting.  “When the older two want to do things that they should be able to – like stay up late, or play certain games on the PS3 – but Archer isn’t allowed to, it can be really hard.  Juggling each child’s different needs is definitely difficult at times.  I thought I would be more patient…I really wanted to be a fun mum, and one that didn’t yell much.  That went out the door years ago though!”



“I love it though,” Yvette says.  “I love the love that my children give me each day.  They really are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I rewarded with watching them grow and learn.  They are beautiful, kind and thoughtful kids and I am so glad that they are mine.”

Such sweet spaces, Yvette!  If you are interested in checking out more of Yvette’s style and pretty things, then follow her on instagram or keep an eye out for her upcoming blog (to be launched in md September 2013) – www.thestylistsplash.com.au – a lifestyle blog where she will share her love of design, styling and cool shopping finds.  We can’t wait to see it!



  1. Both rooms are fun spaces to be in.
  2. The colour!  Archer’s room has little pops of colour and Olivia’s room is super colourful.
  3. Archer’s reading nook.  Anything that encourages a love of books is a good thing.
  4. All of the rooms feel lovely and safe and warm.
  5. The fact that the rooms are a reflection of their personalities – fun, bright and happy!



  1. WiFi!  That probably sounds terrible but I am so reliant on it.  Even Archer has his own iPad with movies on it.
  2. Ducted heating.  It can get very cold in Melbourne!
  3. A big car.  I drive quite a large SUV and believe me, when we go away we definitely fill it.
  4. Where we live.  I love living so close to walking tracks, parks and cafes.  We regularly go to the park with the kids, or to local cafes.




Your patience is stretched with teenagers.  The like to challenge you and keep you on your toes.  They don’t necessarily lie…they just don’t tell you the whole story!