A Little Space – Issue 10 of LittleONE Baby

Did you miss out on the Winter issue of LittleONE Baby?  We are just a few weeks away from the exciting new Summer issue of LittleONE Kids, and just two months away from the Summer issue of LittleONE Baby (yep, that’s LOTS of awesome Summer reading for all you mamas and papas out there!)…but I just wanted to share a little recap of what you may have missed in our last issue.  Remember, you can buy back issues (hard copy or digital) here – so if you have missed out and you want to see even more of the beautiful spaces below, you can catch up!

Tell me, what is your favourite?  And why?

arlo LOB Issue10

(above: Arlo & Tennyson’s shared space.  Two beautiful boys with two beautiful names in one gorgeous space!  We loved the sweet the mix of colours and how clever mum Chloe is at making a single space look like a nursery and a little boys room – without compromising for either child.  Fab!  Photography by Chantelle Bliss.)

magnus john LOB Issue10

(above: Magnus’ room first caught my eye because of that incredible wallpaper and the beautiful mix of the prettiest shade of blue, white and silver.  Absolute proof that a boy’s room can pretty and still look like a boy’s room!  Photography by Angela Trapani.)

saskia LOB Issue10

(above: The colour in little Saskia’s room is what I loved the most…and the fact that there is so much to look at, and it is all beautiful!  Such a clever space and so many lovely things…but the colour!  Photography by Masha Zaric.)

quinn clark LOB Issue10

(above: Little Quinn’s room is adorable in simple black and white with pops of gorgeous yellow and green.  Such a clever combination and wonderful to look at with each piece so beautiful and thoughtfully added to the space! Photography by Kate Monotti.)

remy arabella LOB Issue10

(above: Remy’s room has one of my most favourite gallery walls and I adore all of the shades of pink in her space.  It is girly without being too fru-fru!  So sweet.  Photography by Jodie Knell.)

otis & caspar LOB Issue10

(above: Caspar and Otis was another shared space that we profiled but I think I am completely in love with their entire home.  Never before have I been more inspired to pare down our things and go back to the basics!  I love the simple use of colour and how it all matches but isn’t matchy-matchy.  Photography by Katie Kolenberg.)

quinn florence LOB Issue10

(above:  How could we go past this awesome chalkboard feature wall?  Quinn’s room has a fun eclectic retro mix of pieces that show the quirky style of her stylish mum and dad.  Such a clever space and really shows what can be done when you think outside the box. Photography by Kate Monotti.)

lucinda francesca LOB Issue10

(above: Lulu’s room would have to be the most stylish safari themed room that I’ve ever seen in my life!  The entire space is so calm and relaxing with soft tones and just a little pop of orange to keep things interesting.  Photography by Angela Trapani.)

finn william LOB Issue10

(above: Purple and yellow would have to be one of the most unique combinations that I have seen in a little boy’s nursery.  I love the little fun details in Finn’s room and the fact that it will transition so cleverly to a big boy’s space as he grows.  Photography by Maureen Haynes.)

darci grace LOB Issue10

(above: Darci’s room was put together with such love by her mum and dad and the simple style would make it the most delightful room to grow up in.  Photography by Maureen Haynes.)