A Little Celebration – John’s 3rd Birthday

John’s 3rd Birthday!

Mum: Elena, 25  Dad: Dimitri, 26  Little Brother: Chris, 22 months

Theme: Up Up And Away

Photographer: Sofi P

john 3rd 01

For busy mum of two Elena, creating a special party for her eldest son was something that she really wanted to do – even if she wasn’t sure she had the time!  “I went back to work this year and found leaving John in daycare a few days a week pretty hard,” Elena admits.  “We have all come to enjoy this next stage though, and I have finally accepted that my baby is now a little boy who wants to paint and play and do things without his mummy!”

Between work and two under three, Elena decided the sensible idea would be to leave the party planning in the hands of an expert, and enlisted the services of the very talented Melissa from The Sweet Society.  “All of my thoughts, ideas and descriptions were turned into a reality by Melissa,” Elena says.  “John just loves hot air balloons and blue is his favourite colour…so that was the starting point.”

Elena and Melissa organised invitations from Mon Tresor.  “They were a modern take on vintage style hot air balloons using the colours sky blue, red and white…which happen to be the colours of John’s room too!”

john 3rd 05

john 3rd 02

john 3rd 06

“All of the decorations were designed by The Sweet Society and they included things like little grass mats and little picket fences around the party food.  All of the things gave a feeling of whimsy and adventure, but still kept a clean, simple and slightly masculine feel.”

John’s friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents all attended his special day and enjoyed the delicious cake that was created by Just Call Me Martha.  “The two tier cake had John’s favourite flavours – white chocolate and jaffa,” explains Elena.  “He loved the big number three and the bright hot air balloons!”

john 3rd 07

john 3rd 10

john 3rd 11

john 3rd 08

john 3rd 12

john 3rd 13

john 3rd 15

“John actually shares the same birthday as my father – his grandfather – and as they had been vacationing in Greece prior to John’s party he was missing them terribly.  When he asked if they would be at his party, I said that on his birthday, if he makes a birthday wish it might come true.  They landed the day of the party and came straight there and John thought it was just magic!  He now thinks that magic happens on his birthday… I just hope that his wishes are something that we can achieve for at least a few more years!”

Elena said John chose his own outfit on the day of the party and in sticking with the theme of adventure, he chose his army print jeans!  “He received so many presents on the day – his favourite thing was from his Grandma and Grandpa which was a little BMW car.  He loves to ride with his brother up at down the hallway!”

“It was an amazing day and John and all the guests just loved it.”

john 3rd 14

john 3rd 17


To draw on the sense of John’s imagination and thrill of adventure, the party favours were little suitcases with blue clouds!  The kids were also encouraged to create 3D hot air balloon art on a canvas at the venue and they could take this home as a personal keepsake and a reminder of the day.

john 3rd 03

john 3rd 04


Balancing work, the house, the household and kids is already tough – no matter how well organised you are!  Each day can throw you a curve ball that will throw all your plans out the window.  My advice is to hire a party planner – they will invest the time and attention to detail needed to full execute your vision.  It also guarantees to take the stress away and allows you to take in the details and enjoy the day.



Event planner & stylist – The Sweet Society 

Cake & Desserts – Just Call me Martha 

Party Venue – Petite Atelier 

Photography – Sofi P Photography