LittleONE Kids Summer 2013 – A Sneak Peek!

This time next week, I expect everyone to be headed off to their local newsagency or Mag Nation store to be picking up a copy of our most GORGEOUS Summer issue (although apologies if you live outside of Aus…you have a few more weeks to wait)!  And, if you happen to need a reason as to WHY you must be getting your hands on our beautiful magazine, then hopefully these images will answer that question and then some!  There are loads of reasons to be excited about this issue…as it is officially our first Summer Kids issue (previously, we have just published an Annual issue in September) then there are so many beautiful stories and images that are guaranteed to get you all inspired for the beautiful sunny days ahead.  So, if you or someone you know has kids aged between three and ten years old then let this be your perfect resource.  Gorgeous rooms, fabulous gift ideas, sweet parties, beautiful fashion and lots of lovely families who have shared their stories.

Are you excited?  We certainly are!  Enjoy this little look now…and enjoy over 200 pages of glossy goodness, and so much more to see, on shelves next week!

LOK#3 01 cover

(above: Oscar and Mali at beautiful Hamilton Island – wearing Bobbi Sunshine.  Photography by Kate Monotti.)

LOK#3 02 swimwear

(above: Oscar and Mali overlooking the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef.  Oscar wearing Rock Your Baby and Mali wearing Sudo.  Photography by Kate Monotti.)

LOK#3 03 shop

(above: Brock taking shopping seriously and wearing Minti and Sudo.  Photography by Kate Monotti.)

LOK#3 04 party

(above: Sonny and Sienna are ready to party in style.  Sienna wearing Condor and Sonny wearing Bardot Junior and Fred Bare.  Party styling by Leo & Bella.  Photography by Kate Monotti.)

LOK#3 05 wiz party

(above: Scarlett at her Wizard of Oz themed 4th birthday.  Photography by Claire Murdoch.)

LOK#3 06 rock party

(above: Jake rocking out on his 5th birthday.  Photography by Fiona Handbury.)

LOK#3 07 pool party

(above: Sienna’s sunny 7th pool party.  Photography by Leanne Ambrogio.)

LOK#3 08 disco party

(above: Mia’s super pretty disco diva 5th birthday.  Photography by Lee Bird.)

LOK#3 09 travel bali

(above: the very beautiful Stella Klim and her family show us around Bali.  Photography by Rowe Timson.)

LOK#3 10 ginger space

(above: Ginger’s colourful and sweet space in Bali.  Photography by Tamara Crisp.)

LOK#3 11 baxter space

(above: Baxter’s eclectic and fun space.  Photography by Angela Trapani.)

LOK#3 12 bianca sabine space

(above: Bianca & Sabine’s light and bright room.  Photography by Louise Treacy.)

LOK#3 13 hugh charles space

(above: Modern and oh-so-cool – Hugh & Charles’ room – Photography by Belinda Nihill.)

LOK#3 14 ochre art space

(above: Ochre & Art’s stunning and creative room.  Photography by Maureen Haynes.)

LOK#3 15 tucky banjo space

(above: A beautiful, thoughtful space for the very special Banjo & Tucky.  Photography by Jasmin Hargreaves.)