A Little Space – Lincoln & Summer’s rooms


Who lives here? Vicki, 36; Jayson, 40; Lincoln, 7 and Summer, 5

Where? Central Victoria

Aesthetic: Pirates and Cupcakes

linc summer01

linc summer02

We first met this gorgeous family way back in the very first issue of LittleONE Baby, when we got to take a peek inside what was Summer’s nursery (I have a copy of that right down the bottom of this article).  Well, Summer’s sweet space hasn’t changed too much over the years…a lot of the colours and favourite items still take pride of place.  But, it was Lincoln’s fabulous pirate room that I really wanted to show you this time around!

“When Lincoln moved out of a cot and into a bed, it was time to change his room,” says Vicki.  “At the time, he was old enough to appreciate the choices that were made to decorate the space.  Both Summer and Lincoln love their rooms and, to me, it is a sign that they ‘belong’ in this house, with this family.  It is a space that is solely theirs and a soft place to fall when the world gets too much.”

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With similar components in both rooms – the Ikea Expedit, the colour red and cute artwork – Vicki then personalised each space with touches that suited each child.  “I love red.  It’s vibrant and such a great colour to mix with others.  I added pink to Summer’s room and blue to Lincoln’s.”

Whilst both kids have fabulous storage space in their rooms to house all of their things, Vicki has found that since having both of them at school, the need for ‘stuff’ has definitely decreased.  “With school, their playtime is definitely limited in the afternoon.  They get in around four-ish and only have play time between organised sport and teatime…which doesn’t leave much!  I’ve noticed, that as a result, they need less toys.  I’ve always stuck with the idea that children’s toys shouldn’t be housed in the common areas of the home – these are adult spaces and toys can easily be put in clever storage spaces so they aren’t on display all over the house.  Their rooms are completely their own though and over time they have been added to or changed to reflect how the kids are using their rooms and what their interests are at the time.”

linc summer06

linc summer07

As the kids get older, Vicki admits that she thinks less and less about the idea of expanding the brood.  “There was never a feeling in my heart of either ‘being done’ or ‘wanting more’ with Jayson and I.  Instead, our decision to just have two came from a more logical viewpoint.  That is not to say that if we were blessed with another child that we wouldn’t embrace it too!  Mostly, it was about logistics and finances.  One more child would mean a new house and car, and it would also mean that we would have the pressures involved with maternity leave and childcare.  I was so fortunate to be able to stay at home for the first few years of my children’s lives, and I would definitely want to have the same opportunity for any others that came along.”

“I do love this age,” Vicki says about the early school years age that her children are now.  “They are really developing their own little personalities – they are finding their own friendship groups, learning things from peers and working out the dimensions of their personality like humour, empathy and communication skills.  I think I really love that two and a half to three year old stage though.  When they are developing independence but still need mummy!  That’s the age when things get a little easier…when they are eating adult food and getting out of bottles and nappies.”

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“There is so much to love about being a parent – I love that wherever we go we are a team,” Vicki smiles.  “I love that feeling that we all belong to something, and that my kids will always have a place to go…no matter how old they get.”

Vicki says that her greatest challenge at the moment: is the juggle of time.  With Jayson running his own business, and Vicki working shift work, she admits that fitting in work commitments around school and extra curricular activities definitely keeps life interesting!    “The juggle of life!” she laughs.  “It can get a little complicated at time.”

“Summer and Lincoln are so different in every way – from their looks through to their interests.  They both have a great sense of humour though.  Summer is perhaps a little more flamboyant in her comedy style and Lincoln is quieter…but I think that reflects Jayson and me perfectly.  Because they are so different, I tend to take a completely different approach with them.  Lincoln needs to be cuddled and encouraged…any yelling makes the problem bigger than it need be.  Summer needs a stronger approach, even though she needs less disciplining.  She is more black and white when it comes to rules.”

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“They’re beautiful kids – I couldn’t ask for more,” Vicki says.  “Lincoln is so kind and loving and I hope he will always love a cuddle.  Summer is strong, independent and she knows just who she is and what she wants.  I love that!  I hope that they never change!”

 linc summer13

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  1. Summer loves her white board.  I bought it when she was one and put it in the shed until she was about three because she didn’t use it.  Now, at five, it is out again and she uses it daily!
  2. The shelving.  From Ikea, both of the kids have one and life wouldn’t work without them.
  3. Night lights.  They are used every night and their rooms are lit up like daylight!  They love it that way but I have no idea how they sleep.
  4. Dress up tub.  Lincoln has this in his wardrobe and it is the go-to place every dress up day – at school it seems like there are many – I have never been able to throw them out, but I am glad some days that I haven’t.

linc summer15

linc summer16

linc summer17


  1. Bumbo.
  2. Electrical rocking cradle.
  3. Magic bullet.
  4. Night light.

 linc summer18

linc summer19


Don’t take parenting too seriously.  When the kids are born, and they are babies, I feel like we are so worried about timelines, and how they are progressing and if people are judging our parenting…we soon work out that everyone parents differently and it’s up to us to choose the best practices that suit OUR family.  Now that my children are school age, it doesn’t matter how old they were when they first ate solids, took a step or rolled over…yet it all seemed so important at the time.

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