A Little Space – Deacon, Maisyn & Baylin’s rooms

MEET Deacon, Maisyn & Baylin

Who lives here? Samantha, 29; Adam, 33; Deacon, 5; Maisyn, 3 & Baylin, 20 months

Where? Mornington Peninsula

Aesthetic: Beautifully Eclectic

Photography: Danielle Trovato

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Oh, how I adore meeting creative mamas!  Every so often you come across a gorgeous home and beautiful kids rooms and it is so apparent that the person behind the style has a creative edge.  Mum of three, Samantha, who is also the designer behind the brand Maisy Dee (www.maisydee.com.au) a label that was born following Deacon’s arrival.  Starting with bibs made from unique, quality fabric, Sam’s range now extends to other baby essentials such as blankets, mobiles and wall hangings and cushions.  Sam’s skill at choosing quirky and individual pieces is apparent in the beautiful, eclectic mix that is her children’s rooms.

“The rooms have slowly developed over the last two and a half years that we have lived in this house,” Sam explains.  “I am pretty sure that they will continue to constantly change, ever so slightly, because I love making, creating and finding new things.  Also, Baylin is still sleeping in a cot, so when he goes in under Deacon’s bunk eventually it will give them more space.”

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“It is so important to me to give the kids a happy place to play,” says Sam.  “I also love the idea that their rooms will be an important part of making memories…not to mention the fact that it allows me to be creative!  It’s as much for me as it is for them, but I do hope when they are older they looking back and appreciate their much loved and enjoyed rooms.”

Sam admits that the rooms evolved purely out of the things that she loved, or the things that she has made.  “I have no set theme or style, so I really just enjoy adding a bit of everything together and making it work.  I love vintage items and finding bargains and then getting a little creative!  Teaming those one off pieces with the odd new item creates the perfect balance.  The kids have a fair bit of say too…a lot of the things in their rooms are items that they chose or liked, and I worked around that.”

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With a three bedroom home for a family of five, Sam has managed to utilise an additional living area in the upstairs of the home to allow the family the luxury of a playroom.  “We are pretty minimal in our living areas,” Sam says.  “I don’t like having too many toys hanging around in the main spaces.  We have also slowly reduced the amount of plastic toys over the years, sticking to as many wooden and good quality toys as possible.”

Looking after three kids under five, you have to wonder how on earth Sam gets the time to run a business and repurpose bits and pieces, but it seems the old adage ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy person’ is true!  “Deacon is at kinder three half days a week, and Maisy and Baylin go to occasional care every Tuesday for three hours…those Tuesday afternoons of just me are bliss!  Adam works full time and also works at the MCG on a casual basis at the weekend, and I often do markets on weekends as well, so it is busy.  Most of my work and creating is done from 10pm to 1am each day.”

“It is so important to me that we have lots of quality family time, and that is more important than anything else.  We moved to the beach two and a half years ago and that move was all about creating a better lifestyle for the kids.  All of our spare time is spent together – whether it’s at the beach, the park or the local coffee shop.  You only get this time once…so we do as much as we can to create lifelong memories.”

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Despite their hectic lives, Sam says that she would absolutely love to expand her brood.  “Crazy as it sounds, I would actually love just one more!  We had all three kids in three and a half years, so I would love the have just one more to enjoy all the little things one last time.  I am one of six kids, and Adam is from a family of nine kids, and I have always loved having someone around…I would love that for my family too.”

As Baylin is becoming a toddler, Sam is loving the bond that has been created amongst her three.  “Watching them interact together just melts my heart.  They bicker a little, like all siblings, but they are constantly kissing, cuddling and holding hands.  I am a sucker for a newborn, but they are all at such a gorgeous age right now.  Deacon is ready to start school and he wants to know everything – always asking questions and so eager to learn.  Maisy is talking so beautifully now and she loves looking after her little brother.  Baylin is such a happy little boy, although he is definitely hitting that age where he is keen to test the boundaries!  He is pretty quick to let us know when he isn’t so happy.”

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“Looking at my three kids, I just feel so blessed that we made them.  Their love for each other just makes any bad days all worth it.  Knowing that we had a part in all the little steps that they take in becoming the best person that they can be makes me just so happy.”

Check out Sam’s website (www.maisydee.com.au), facebook (www.facebook.com/maisydee) or instagram (www.instagram.com/maisydee) for more beautiful things and inspiration!

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  1. White noise app.  All of my kids have slept with white noise as babies.  It seemed to always help them settle as it is the sound they hear in your belly.  Baylin still sleeps with it, but now it is more for the block out factor.  It helps eliminate noises and he sleeps peacefully.
  2. Maisy’s bookcase.  It was a $10 find on Gumtree and I sanded it back and painted it myself.
  3. The colour and polkadots in Maisy’s room.  They make me smile everytime I walk in.
  4. The mixture of vintage, handmade, eBay and op shop bargains in both rooms!  It is so rewarding to see little projects that I have done completed and I get such enjoyment doing them.
  5. The three little people filling those beds.  I am so blessed to have them and they fill our lives with such happiness every day.



  1. Pram, or double pram.  We walk and are out a lot, so our prams definitely get used a lot!
  2. Internet and iPad.  It’s not only important for my work, it always helps if I need the kids to have a little quiet time in the afternoon with a good app.
  3. Dyson vacuum.  Deacon has asthma as a baby and it is amazing the dust that that this vacuum picks up!
  4. Nespresso coffee machine.  Need I say more?!
  5. Each other.  As much as I love nice spaces and nice things, our little family is the most important.

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Go with the flow.  We have a routine, but we are also very flexible as we have always wanted our kids to adapt if need be.  I would love to have more patience and organisation, but we make a great team and everything always works out.  If you can find a husband like mine, that helps too!  He cleans, does the laundry, hangs out the washing…I am very lucky!  Working from home with three busy kids, I need all the help I can get.

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