Arthur, Sixtine & Jeanne {France}

Arthur, Sixtine & Jeanne {France}

You know when you come across a blog and you immediately wish you could immerse yourself in that world?  I stumbled across one day and completely fell in love.  And, not just due to my love of all things French (although I am sure that helped!)  I love that Emilie’s life is so down to earth and achievable, but that everything – from her interior and fashion stylings, through to her simple yet beautiful parties and activities with the kids are just so lovely.

Emilie admits that her blog is a bit like her fourth child (she has a son, Arthur, 7 and two daughters, Sixtine, 5, and Jeanne, 2).  “I started it in 2009,” she explains.  “It is really just like me and I talk about the things that I love – décor, fashion, my children and vintage things.  It’s allowed me to meet so many people and I love it.”

Emilie and her family live in Dourdan – a little town in the French countryside that is about an hour from Paris.  And, if you didn’t think it was possible to live in a more magical place than the French countryside, it actually gets even better!  “Our home is a former firehouse, much to the delight of the children,” Emilie laughs.

With three busy children, full-time work and a blog to manage Emilie says that her family is certainly complete now.  “We are full!  Three kids is great, but it can also be very tiring and there isn’t much more room in our apartment…although we did just recently get a rabbit!”

“Children require a lot of time and energy and I think it is really important to be available for your kids.  It’s not always easy when you work and I definitely have times when I wonder if I am a good mother.”

“Parenting is wonderful though.  My children bring me so much and they give such purpose to our lives.  Right now, our lives revolve around our children and sometimes I admit that can be very difficult.”

Emilie says there is much to love and admire about each of her children at the age and stage they are right now.  “Arthur is old enough to have real conversations and understand my sense of humour – he really makes me laugh.  He has this wonderful desire to discover the world and so much curiosity.  Sixtine is so wise and maternal, despite how young she is.  She also loves princesses and we have great fun playing with ‘girl stuff’!  Jeanne is still a baby really but she has a real strength of character.  She is also a real clown and she makes me laugh so much.  I love watching her play and learn new things.”

Emilie says that as her children grow, their home is constantly evolving.  “The décor has really evolved as the children’s needs have changed and also according to my changing tastes!  They are still young too, so they let me choose a lot of their room décor and I enjoy that so much.  I really like mixing vintage with modern.”

“Arthur’s room was redone last year and we have just completed the girls’ room.  I am a real fan of beautiful home design so it is normal for me to want their rooms to be beautiful.  I also think that it’s more fun for them to have a lovely room and it makes them take care of the space.  I hope that later in life they will be sensitive to interior design.  It is also important to me that the rooms are practical and that they can play as much as they like…that also means there are lots of toys!”

And just when I didn’t think I could love Emilie’s beautiful home and little family any more I asked how Emilie and her family love to play…her answer?  “Board games, walking together and making crazy!”  Gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing, Emilie.

Get inspired by more of Emilie’s gorgeous life in the French countryside at (you might need to access via google and translate the page for easier reading…but the images are just lovely to look at regardless!)



“Good luck!”



  • The tornado shelves.  I was able to hunt them down and it was just as fun finding them.
  • The bed cabin that we made for Arthur – it makes his space unique.
  • The Ferm Living wallpaper in the girls’ room – it is perfect.
  • The toy box that the girls store all their books in and play on.
  • The old office in Arthur’s room.


  • A car!
  • Washer
  • Vacuum
  • The TV J
  • Felts (textas)!  The children all love to draw.


  • Paris!!  Museums, Eiffel Tower, Sacré Cœur, jardin d’acclimation…the list goes on!
  • Disneyland
  • The French countryside
  • The French castle (especially Versailles)
  • La Côte d’azur