Creating a room with Danish By Design

One of the most beautiful brands of baby furniture that we have featured over the years is also one of the most queried ranges – Leander.  So, we thought today that we would formally introduce you all to this beautiful Scandinavian brand with the help of importer and stockist – Danish By Design.

Mum of three, business woman and Danish native, Gillian Rose, introduced the Leander brand to Australia over 10 years ago and has since sold to many local families (included a few celebs…Nicole Kidman, Princess Mary, Mel ‘Scary Spice’ B and Rebecca Judd to name just a few!)  The Danish By Design range has grown to include additional Scandi brands such as Nathi, Bombol, Bednest, Kukuu, Troll and most recently, the adorable range of wooden toys and ride ons from Moover.  However, the Leander brand continues to be incredibly popular so we wanted to show you what it involves, and how it’s been showcased in many of our beautiful rooms over the years.

The Leander Cot & Bed

The Leander Cot & Bed takes the tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship and design to a new level of excellence. Crafted in European beech this cot & bed is a true masterpiece with its oval shape and curved lines. It has been designed with the child’s perspective in mind, and the result is an elegant cot which converts into a modern junior bed as the child grows. The Leander Cot & Bed truly is different from anything else on the market.

When an infant sleeps in the cot, the cot base can be raised to protect the parents’ back. When baby can pull him- or herself up, the mattress is dropped down to the bottom to ensure optimum safety for baby. As baby turns into a toddler and wants to explore the world, the first Leander bed adaptation takes place: one of the cot sides come off. The child still has the familiar feeling of security of the high sides, but can now climb in and out independently. As the child’s development progresses, the other three sides come off, and the cot easily transforms into the most delightful little bed you’ve ever seen!  My two year is currently enjoying his Leander in this state at the moment and it makes me so happy to see him not only be able to get in and out with ease…but also just look at how unbelievably CUTE it is when it’s just hanging out there in his room.  The child’s growth will guide parents when to extend the Leander Cot & Bed into the beautiful Junior Bed (150cm long). The extension pieces required for this final stage are all part of the initial purchase.
Through its careful production, timeless design and high quality, the Leander Cot & Bed effortlessly grows with baby into childhood, and generations to come will have the pleasure of sleeping in this wonderful cot & bed.  The cot, mattress, mattress protector AND junior kit that will grow the cot into a little person’s bed is $1699.}

The Leander Change Table

The Leander Change Table joined the elegant Leander range in 2011. Naturally, the Leander Change Table complements the range and provides a perfect setting for intimate moments with baby in the first few years of its life.
Not surprisingly, with its Scandinavian design and innovation, the Leander Change Table is setting new standards in its category. The height of the table can be adjusted to provide a comfortable height and close contact with baby – perfect if you are a little on the tall OR short side! A spacious drawer for storage with a soft touch close function, and an extra shelf are located underneath the changing surface. Storage boxes that perfectly fit the changing table’s dimensions are available as accessories. The vanilla change mat is included with the Leander Change Table. It is reversible and can be placed to the right or the left, leaving a 20cm space for clothes, water, lotions etc. Handy changing towels to use on the change mat complete the set up (2-pack).

True to the spirit of Leander’s craftsmanship and design, the Leander Change Table has longevity as it converts into a smart desk by removing the shelf. Perfectly matched by the Leander Chair it creates a stylish desk area ideal for the family in the years to come.  The change table is priced at $1099.

The Leander Cradle

The Leander Cradle is a modern yet timeless masterpiece, based on Scandinavian design and functionality, and is a real favourite amongst our readers. The simple and sculptural design is very elegant and beautiful. Scandinavian craftsmanship has given this Cradle the highest level of quality and ease of use.
The Leander Cradle is suspended by four straps that are gathered into one point, either in a hook in the ceiling or in a stand made especially for the cradle. Using the stand with the cradle allows you to move it around the house.
As with all Leander products, baby’s safety takes precedence. The fabric and mattress cover are made from allergy tested cotton and are machine washable at 60°C. The oval shape has no sharp edges and the fabric is soft to the touch.

Did you know that the desire for the swaying movements a baby feels in the womb never leaves us? These movements have soothed the baby, stimulated its senses and given it optimal conditions for intellectual growth. After birth, the soft and slow rhythm of the swaying has been programmed into baby’s cells as being safe and comforting. This rhythm of movement for baby continues in our arms, in a sling, pram or even car. When we grow up, it is still part of life as we listen or dance to music, or as we enjoy watching the waves reach the beach. To sway is to feel secure and alive. Professionals agree, the swaying motions of this single point suspended Cradle give both security and stimulation of the senses for babies.
The Leander Cradle will provide your baby with a feeling of safety and comfort and present you with an elegant Scandinavian masterpiece. It holds up to 10kg and is available for $339.95

And, if you’re looking to incorporate more of the Leander brand?  Here are just a few more items that may be of interest!

The Leander High Chair

A true Scandinavian work of art, the Leander High Chair is a modern, unique timber high chair that grows with your child from baby to adult. Its smart design combined with superior functionality enables your child to sit at the table with you from the beginning.
When baby first sits in the Leander High Chair, a safety bar is required (available separately). The safety bar has two settings, giving you opportunity to gently tighten it around your baby to keep him/her safe and to loosen it for getting baby in and out – no harness required. At around 2–2• years of age, the safety bar can be removed permanently. The Leander High Chair also features an adjustable backrest, a slight suspension effect and weighs just 6 kilos – easy to move around. The adjustable seat & footrest are easily set to suit the height of your child, and are adjusted regularly as your child grows into a teenager and into adulthood. Once your child is tall enough to reach the floor, the foot rest (the bigger plate) becomes the seat and the smaller plate is removed permanently.

That the Leander High Chair is slightly springy gives your child a natural feeling of freedom of movement. It also makes it very comfortable for adults as it adjusts to us. A clever design all around.
The Leander High Chair enables your baby to be part of the family table for meals, craft, games or homework. Best of all, the Leander High Chair holds the weight of an adult, so anyone in the family can use it and it never ceases to have a function in the home.   Holding up to 130kg (yup, that much!) the chair comes in 8 different colours and sells for $299.95.

The Leander Stool Set

With this stunning Stool Set, Leander has once again proven that it is possible to take an old concept and turn it into something spectacularly different, while still preserving the original function.
This unique furniture set has its design based on children’s love for movement and play which in turn stimulate their senses and development.

The stools are designed with a slightly pivoting seat. This allows the stools to adjust to the children’s weight and height as they sit down, ensuring a naturally good sitting position. As the children grow, their centre of gravity will change and the movement in the stools supports their new sense of balance. When children sit well they can concentrate for longer and produce better work. Just like adults.   Available in three colours (white, wash and walnut) the set (two stools and table) is $599.

The Leander Teepee

This new tepee by Leander is the ideal indoor cubby for families with young children. Children spend their days creating games and make-believe stories and all we have to do is to provide a safe environment and a few props. The result is endless hours of fun.
The tepee cleverly reuses the tripod from the Leander Cradle and its elegant shape and neutral colours make it blend unobtrusively into the family room. Internally, the tepee has a series of colourful, internal pockets for treats and treasures and a soft, padded floor mat. The “door” can be zipped closed or tied open depending on the scene in the story.
The features listed above are no co-incidence. Any Leander design has to meet two criteria: to create a safe and stimulating environment for the child and to deliver a durable and aesthetically pleasing, quality product for the parent. The Leander Tepee passes with honours!   The super stylish teepee and floor mat is $249.95.


So there you have it – you’re all up to date with the Leander range!  If you’d like to find out more, or purchase for your own little one…head over to and chat with Gillian.