10 Tips For Busy Mums To Get Fit


As a busy mum, it is a constant battle to find the time, energy and most of all the motivation to exercise! Becky Dyer and Jackie Steele from Body Beyond Birth give us 10 tips for busy mums to get fit.

It may sound cliche but there are some really good ways to squeeze some fitness into the cracks of your life.

We are firm believers that even a little exercise is better than nothing at all. Jackie and I have listed our favourite exercise tips below so you can get some ideas on how to make exercise happen in your day. And MOST importantly … if you didn’t do it today, don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is another day.

  1. Take care of yourself. Remember you can’t give from an empty (or broken!) cup. So don’t let mummy guilt hold you back. It’s so important to take snippets of time for yourself throughout the day to get moving more. Here’s how;
  2. Dress the part
    This is Jackie’s personal motto! If you’re already wearing your workout gear you’re ready to be more active with your kids or at least bust out a few squats or lunges
  3. Find a few juicy exercises you like/need to do and THEN do them everyday
    Like; plank on hands and knees (lift your knees and hold), squats (keep your knees behind toes!), swimmer (lie on your tummy and reach arms/legs long and swim like Scuba Steve)
  4. Stand up tall, shoulders back, tummy gently drawn in and guess what … you’re doing Pilates all day. You’re posture will look hot and you are actually exercising as you do it!
  5. Pelvic floor
    Can’t “squeeze in” your daily recommended pelvic floor exercise? How about you do one or two; after every bathroom break, at the stop lights, when you change a nappy. It’s a muscle that gets wimpy and out of shape just like all the rest so work it baby! Ten reps x 10 seconds a day keeps the gyne away.
  6. Find a friend
    Instead of meeting your girlfriend or mother’s group for coffee, meet up for a walk date or exercise date. Kids will think you’re playing when you start doing partner exercises like push-pull arms and high five jumps (Google some partner exercises and go for it!). Jackie and I have workout meetings all the time.
  7. Play with the kids
    Don’t always watch them have fun, get into it. I mean jump on the trampoline, do handstands against the fence, play chase and run races.
  8. Dont underestimate incidental exercise
    Take the stairs, dance with your kids, stroller walks for settling babies, walk don’t drive, sitting up straight.
  9. Rest for 10 minutes
    Pffft! You say, when!? It’s Becky’s physio prescription ladies … I say at least once a day, in the smack dab middle of the madness lie flat, yes LIE FLAT and put your feet up on the arm of the couch. It unloads a pooped pelvic floor, helps your circulation and it’s a great time for your muscles to recover.
  10. Take care of yourself!
    Yes it’s on here twice because we REALLY don’t want you to forget it. We are mums and know personally how we get put last. So that’s why this list puts you first AND last.

Your call to action is… print this out for the fridge or the bathroom mirror and have a read everyday. This is how real women just do it, in parts and pieces, a little each day.

We know you can do it and remember, you deserve it!

Becky & Jackie

Becky Dyer mum/Pilates instructor/physiotherapist
Jackie Steele mum/business woman

Body Beyond Birth is a postnatal exercise program created by women’s health expert and physiotherapist Becky Dyer and supermum Jackie Steele. Visit bodybeyondbirth.com to check out their mum-friendly short and sharp online exercise program.