10 Tips To Stay Effortlessly Healthy This Silly Season!


As busy mums, founders of Body Beyond Birth, Jackie Steele and Becky Dyer know how hard it is to take care of yourself when you’re a mum trying to survive the holiday season chaos.

Whether you’re running around gift shopping, preparing for holiday parties or spending more time looking after the kids, the girls from Body Beyond Birth have some hot ideas to keep you exercising and feeling healthy this summer – without even noticing!

1. Don’t sit and watch your kids, play with them!  Kick a ball or throw a frisbee around with your family. Running around after the little ones burns a surprising amount of calories!

2. Bring a healthy platter to gatherings. This way you know there will be a healthy option and you won’t have to resort to party snacks and cakes. Tasty salads and sugar free desserts are great options that everyone will love.

3. Instead of going to the movies or shopping centre to escape the heat, head to the beach or local pool to refresh with a swim.

4. Avoid soft drinks and juices which are full of sugar. Stick to water or mineral water with a squeeze of lime or lemon. For an added delight, add strawberries or blueberries too.

5.Take your family for a walk after dinner. This is not only a good family bonding exercise, but is a great way to encourage digestions after a big meal.

6. Plan your meals. A little preparation goes a long way. You will be thankful for being organised when you are short on time and need to pull something together quickly.

7. Rather than thinking all about the food at your next family BBQ, set up the croquet set, game of cricket or volleyball net and focus the day around an activity.

8. Get a good night sleep. Lack of sleep results in poor food choices and a weaker immune system. Make sleep a priority no matter how much there is to do. Give yourself a bedtime routine that makes it easy to relax once the kids are asleep.

9. When your family asks what you want for Christmas, think about gifts that will encourage you to be more active i.e. surfing lessons, a new bike or stylish new active wear to get you motivated.

10. Make time for yourself. You can still be a great mum and fit in some me time. Ensuring that you have time for yourself every now and then will reduce your stress levels and give you an escape from the daily pressures of motherhood.

Jackie & Becky

Body Beyond Birth is an online postnatal exercise and nutrition program created by womenʼs health expert and physiotherapist Becky Dyer and pilates instructor and supermum Jackie Steele. Their mum-friendly 20-minute a day online program helps women take care of themselves and nurtures them back into shape after having a baby. Body Beyond Birth programs are priced at $165.00 for 12 weeks. Visit www.bodybeyondbirth.com.