Samuele’s 4th Birthday Party – Superhero Comic Book Theme


Mum – Christina catanzariti 35 years
Dad- Jason catanzariti 39 years
Child- Samuele Phoenix Catanzariti
4th birthday party
He has 2 brothers- Isaiah 6yrs & Massimo 2yrs
Photo credit- mum

About Samuele
Samuele is a cheeky kid with a great sense of humor very shy at first but doesn’t take long to warm up loves to entertain and play with his brothers. He loves anything superheroes and a huge One Direction fan. And loves dressing up as batman, robin and the joker with his brothers.

Who planned the party?
Samuele chose to have a superhero party so mum planned it from there


Describe the theme-
His Favourite is batman so that was our main inspiration and decided to go a superhero comic book theme

Special party details-
All the party guest were asked to come dressed as superheroes.
Cake table was set up with a large batman poster begins with “Holy smokes batman Samuele is 4″ written on it.
Table was complete with Batman cake, plastic mason jars for each child with a chalk sticker with their name on it, popcorn comic cones and superhero cupcakes.
Even mum and dad wore batman tees

I designed and made the invitations. Complete with a comic strip on the back with a birthday mission calling all superheroes to help against the evil villans. Finished off with black twine and yellow lightning bolt.


We decorated the room with black balloons and very large comic superhero posters. My eldest son Isaiah 6 yrs made signs for the walls saying “bang” “crash” “Pow” etc

The cake was the bat symbol in black and white. I printed off batman comics in black and white and covered the base in the comics.
Also made superhero themed cupcakes


Unique party ideas-
Together with my boys we made a game called pin the bat symbol on batman the kids loved it playing it many times. The kids loved getting involved in making things for the party.
I also had a craft table set up with white masks so the kids could make there own superhero mask.
My eldest son dressed as the Joker and played the villain coming out with a silly string gun chasing after all the superheroes.
Printed sheets of comics on a4 paper in black and white and rolled them into a cone and filled with popcorn.
On the concrete me and the boys created a gothom city theme out of chalk with buildings and a space for the kids to lay so we could take a flying superhero pic.
Party favors were a large rainbow coloured lollipop with batman sticker saying thankyou for coming to Samueles party

Highlight of the day-
Seeing my little Batman happy and enjoying his party.

Tips for organizing a party-
To Let the kids help they love it even though I sometimes go back and redo it myself