2012 Christmas Gift Ideas – Learning Toys

Welcome to the third of our ‘Christmas Gift Ideas 2012’ posts.  This time we are going to look at toys that will help your little one learn.  You tend to not feel so guilty about filling your home with toys if you think that they may benefit the brain a little, and rightly so.  There are some fabulous toys on the market these days, and they not only encourage problem solving and thinking but they are fun to boot.

Often, learning games mean that you, as the grown up, need to be actively involved to help your little one understand and use the toy…but once they have mastered it, it not only gives them great confidence, but it means that they can go on and play without you…and perhaps even teach other little ones!

Here are a few selections for you…

a) Story Starter Cards $19.95 (www.leafjournals.com)

b) Be A Part Of The Story $24.99 (www.hallmarkcards.com.au)

c) Build & Colour Your Own Cardboard Log Cabin $14.95 (www.rudyandthedodo.com.au)

d) Personalised Wooden Name Puzzle $26.95 (www.tinyme.com.au)

e) Educo Down On The Farm Discovery Box $199.90 (www.sendatoy.com.au)

f) Little Aeroplane $44.95 (www.flatoutfrankie.com)

g) Bert The Backyard Adventurer $39.95 (www.shop.australiangeographic.com.au)

h) bObles Starting at $69 (www.exquira.com.au)

i)  Mini Excavation Kit $12.95 (www.entropy.com.au)

j) Paint Your Own Russian Doll Kit $14 (www.elctoys.com.au)

k) Leapster2 Connected Learning Game System $66.99 (www.leapfrog.com/en_au)