2012 Christmas Gift Ideas – Wooden Toys

Welcome to the fourth of our ‘Christmas Gift Ideas 2012’ posts.  There is perhaps nothing more classic and timeless than a gorgeous wooden toy.  Not only to kids love to play with wooden toys, but they encourage imagination, are durable and they also look lovely.  In fact, a gorgeous wooden toy can be the perfect decorative piece in any room of the house.  We have visited many a gorgeous home where an attractive toy is placed in the living room or lounge meaning that it is available for kids to play with at any time, but it also looks sweet in the space.

The other wonderful thing about timber toys is that they are more sustainable than plastic ones – once they are no longer loved, whether they are passed along or thrown away, they are not going to create additional landfill like plastic toys will.

Here are a few selections for you…

a) Bajo Mountain Road Vehicle Display Stand with Selected Vehicles $349  (www.hardtofind.com.au)

b) Djeco Browny Pull Along $49.95 (www.sendatoy.com.au)

c) Janod Wooden Tool Kit Trolley $129 (www.sendatoy.com.au)

d) LILLABO 20 piece train set $14.99 (www.ikea.com/au)

e) Giraffe Wooden Walker $99.95 (www.ecotoys.com.au)

f) Crocodile Golf Set $34.95 (www.mywoodentoys.com.au)

g) Skwish Wooden Infant Rattle $29.95 (www.mywoodentoys.com.au)

h) Le Toy Van Mixer Set $49.95 (www.designchild.com.au)

i) Mocka Wooden Balance Bike – Urban $94.95 (www.metromum.com.au)

j) Make Me Iconic Tram $90 (www.kidostore.com)

k) Areaware Micro Cubebot Multicolour $15.95 (www.kidstore.com)

l) Plan Toys Eco Home Doll’s House $299.95 (www.sendatoy.com.au)