2012 Christmas Gift Ideas – Little Homewares

Welcome to the eighth of our ‘Christmas Gift Ideas 2012’ posts.  Whether it is creating a special space for your little one, or purchasing items for them that will work well with the rest of your home, look no further!  These cute items are designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind.

Remember that functional and great to look at can belong in the same sentence when it comes to things for kids…and it is also important to remember that it won’t be long before your little one starts demanding items reflecting their own style…so make the most of it while you can!  And, even better, some of these items are practical – in making life easier (or tidier!) for you.

Here are a few selections for you…

a) Apple & Speech Bubble Chalkboard Wall Stickers $45 (www.41orchard.com)

b) 3 Sprouts Animal Bath Storage $44.95 (www.treasuredpoppets.com.au)

c) Breville Baby Banquet $149.95 (www.breville.com.au)

d) Bamboo Dinnerware Sets $29.95 (www.lovemae.com.au)

e) Dictionary Cushion Cover $60 (www.downthatlittlelane.com.au)

f) Bribakg $39.95 (www.brikbag.com)

g) Incy Egg Chair $399 (www.incyinteriors.com.au)

h) KiddyGuard Avant Safety Gate $249.95 (www.cnpbrands.com.au)

i) Vintage Children Typography Paper Cut Framed Image $89.95 (www.almondtreeframes.com.au)

j) Bunny Rabbit Night Light $24.95 (www.rudyandthedodo.com.au)

k) Mocka Cowboys Teepee $99.95 (www.metromum.com.au)