2012 Christmas Gift Ideas – Christmas Goodies

Welcome to the tenth of our ‘Christmas Gift Ideas 2012’ posts.  I am guessing that by now you all have your decorations up and everyone is well into the Christmas spirit…but there are some gorgeous items out there that can really give a bit of a boost to the festive decor around the home.

Sometimes, those extra pieces are the things that create a new Christmas tradition in the home…or maybe just make everything a little more Christmas-sy (if that is possible!)

Here are a few selections for you…

a) Christmas Rules Santa Sack $22.95 (www.almondtreeframes.com.au)

b) Christmas Tree Wall Decal $48 (www.vinyldesign.com.au)

c) Hydrangea Christmas Wreath From $59.50 (www.nanahuchy.com.au)

d) Red Santa Sack $39.95 (www.cocoomeorganicsleepwear.com.au)

e) Personalised Santa Sack $65 (www.minienvy.com.au)

f) Elf On The Shelf – toy, book, activity pad $62.99 (www.fishpond.com.au)

g) Felt Christmas Stocking $25 each (www.facebook.com/thelittlehare)

h) Santa Pants Gift Bags $14.95 (www.mumslittlepartysecret.com.au)

i) Babu Baby Christmas Reindeer Bib $12.95 (www.urbanbaby.com.au)

j) Santa’s Little Helper Legs $5.95 (www.huggalugs.com.au)

k) Christmas wetbag, cloth nappy and bib $24.95 (www.snappynappy.com.au)