Where’d you get that?: Hugh’s wall art

hugh wall 1

hugh wall 2

hugh wall 3

This is the first of many posts regarding items that people ask us A LOT about!  Whether it is something in one of our baby’s spaces, or an item of clothing, or just a random little question…it seems that a lot of you out there have a similar taste in your favourite things.

Without a doubt, the question we get asked the most is regarding a space that we featured in Issue #2 of LittleONE Baby.  Hugh’s Space was divine – the most gorgeous shade of blue, crisp white and subtle pops of red.  Covering one wall in his room is a lovely tree and we are still receiving emails from readers wanting to know…where’d you get that?

Well, turns out, it isn’t a decal.  Belinda, Hugh’s mum, couldn’t find just what she needed for the wall space, so she drew a tree of her own!  She then borrowed an overhead projector from a friend and traced, using a pencil, the design.  She then used a thin brush and painted, with white paint, the tree on to the wall.  Very simple, clever, and (according to Belinda), easy!  The little apples and owls added to the tree are just cut from paper and stuck to the wall.

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Photography by Lisa Nankervis (www.lisanankervis.com)