A Little Space – Marley’s Nursery


Who lives here: Marley     Date of Birth: 8th November 2012     Weight: 7 pound 6

Mum: Tanya, 36     Dad: Julian, 41      Design Aesthetic: Surfer Boy      Photography: Anneke Hill

“I think it is fair to say that I really had no idea how much my life would change with a baby,” laughs first time mum, Tanya, when talking about her gorgeous baby boy, Marley.  “He was so calm when he arrived – we called him our little yogi when we brought him home.  He is still calm, but he smiles and giggles a lot now.  He gets pretty excited about life as well…especially at night!  That has perhaps been the greatest challenge.  He likes to wake every two hours at night…even now, over six months in!”

As much as Tanya is quick to admit that a little more sleep would be wonderful, she is still incredibly grateful for the gift that is Marley.  “Falling pregnant wasn’t easy,” she says. “After a long wait, and an appointment with a fertility specialist, we fell pregnant naturally but unfortunately had a miscarriage at eight weeks.  The experience has been a constant reminder of how fortunate and blessed we are with the safe arrival of Marley.”

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Tanya and Julian took a holiday along the east coast of Australia for Valentine’s Day and also to take a little time after the miscarriage.  “It must have been the perfect remedy,” she says.  “I fell pregnant naturally while we were away!”

One of the lucky ones, once she conceived, Tanya had a dream pregnancy.  “Despite spending all of those months worrying about giving birth, I felt great throughout.  No morning sickness, and I was able to do yoga right up until I was due…which is lucky because I haven’t made it to a class since!  Pregnancy was also the perfect excuse to get a massage, put my feet up on a Saturday night…and indulge in something sweet after dinner.”

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Tanya and Julian found out they were having a little boy before Marley was born, and they chose his name almost immediately.  “We found out the gender as soon as we could,” Tanya explains.  “There was no stopping my husband telling everyone he was about to have a little boy!  He named him straight away as well – Julian has loved the name Marley for years, there is a surf spot in Queensland called ‘Little Marley’s’ – and we did manage to keep the name a secret.  Mostly.”

As well as her yoga – “I did a pre birth yoga course” – Tanya also undertook a course to help deal with the pain of childbirth.  “It was all about ‘transferring the pain’ and all the rest; although I can honestly say that nothing quite prepared me for how painful it would be in those later stages of labour.  I was happy to be able to give birth naturally, which a little help from an epidural at the very end.  Next time, I think I may ask for that much, much earlier!”

“I do believe that the yoga techniques helped with dilation, but it was my wonderful obstetrician, Dr Keith Hartman, who kept me and my husband as calm as possible until our little boy arrived.”

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When it came to creating a special space for the new arrival, Tanya had lots of ideas about the feel she wanted for her baby’s room.  “We started working on the room about two months before Marley arrived.  I wanted something clean, light and bright.  I worked with Belinda from Nest Design Studio and we really wanted to create a soothing, classic space with just a slight beachy theme.”

“The room really brought together our hopes and dreams for Marley – that he lives a life full of love and adventure.  The Dr Seuss book ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ is a real favourite of ours and it set the tone for the nursery – that and our love of the ocean.”

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Tanya had much of the space finalised before Marley arrived. “I was given a lot of great things at my baby shower.”

A beautiful circle of friends supporting Tanya before Marley was born has been joined by another wonderful group of women after his birth.  “My mothers’ group have been such a great support.  A great group of girls who also love walks to the beach and chats over coffee.  I even had lasagna brought over by one mum who knew I had a tough week a while back…Julian was pretty thrilled because I am not the greatest cook!”

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Tough days (or perhaps mostly tough nights) aside, Tanya wouldn’t change a thing.  “The lack of sleep is totally worth the smiles and cuddles that I get from Marley every day.  Luckily, Marley loves the pram, so we walk to the beach often.  It is exercise for me and my husband, and a great way to get Marley to sleep!  Julian and I just cannot believe how much we love this little boy who has joined our family and brings us such happiness every day.  The dinners out and relaxing yoga classes are a bit of a thing of the past though…at least for a little while anyway.”

For more beautiful little spaces (or help creating your own) visit Bel at Nest Design Studio.

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Five Things Tanya Loves About Marley’s Room

  1. The coloured wooden animals.  These were handmade by Marley’s grandfather, Ian, and painted by his Nanni Bev – gorgeous keepsakes for life.
  2. The surfboard.  It was bought at an auction for The Sumba Foundation and is a replica of the very first thruster fin made by Simon Anderson.
  3. Several items – like the yellow chevron cushion and blanket – were purchased at Etsy.  I love supporting other mums in business.  These things are handmade and arrive from all around the world with a handwritten card saying ‘thank you’ for the purchase.
  4. The oar.  Purchased at The Bronte Tram, it is really functional!  We use it to hang the clothes we are about to dress Marley in – and the little bag we put dirty nappies in, so it’s away from little hands and feet.
  5. The silver Moroccan pouffe from Table Tonic.  The perfect height for tired feet!

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Tanya Can’t Live Without:

  1. A zip up sleep suit.
  2. Baby Bjorn bouncer.
  3. Pure Baby clothes.  I have found them the easiest to dress Marley in.
  4. Baby Jogger pram.  We have done some serious kilometres in the past 6 months!
  5. Peg Perego car capsule.  Easy to take in and out of the car whilst baby sleeps.


Tanya’s Favourite Online Stores:




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Advice from Tanya:

“Have people that you trust around you.  Know your options.  When your baby does arrive, just enjoy the cuddles.  If you need to spend the day on the couch with your little one then just do it!  They will love it as much as you do.  Trust your instincts.  Don’t fret about the washing, or making the bed…especially in those first six weeks!  Do everything in your own time.  Especially when you are a first time mum, sometimes it is an effort just to leave the house!”

“If you have a baby shower, then enjoy every minute of it!  It is such a great way to celebrate the moment that you are in…and perhaps the last time for a while that you can have entire conversations with your friends with no interruptions.”

Keep an eye out for our next Little Space next Monday.  And tomorrow?  A gorgeous party!  x