Keep Your Child Safe

Keep Your Child Safe

PLUM Paediatric First Aid Course 

Essential information to keep your child Safe 

The impact of the loss of a child is devastating on the parents, any siblings and the community.

Plum cares about the safety of children and want to do what we can the keep children safe. This has inspired Plum’s partnership with SIDS and Kids and our latest partnership sponsoring First Aid courses by WonderWoman Children.

Plum will be collaborating with WonderWoman Children by hosting first aid courses the first being held on the 23 January 2016.

Our educator Nataly is passionate about the health of wee ones which comes comes from the experience of having both children in neonatal care and experiencing the challenges of caring for a sick child.

She is a massive first aid geek and an experienced super fun educator. Nataly is adored for her bubbly and outgoing personality.

Nataly is the First Aid & Safety Expert for Little Rockers Radio and has regular airtime sharing her knowledge. She is extremely passionate about embracing a holistic approach in the prevention and treatment of childhood injuries and in supporting parents and carers

The course will cover vital information that could save a child’s life including CPR and what to do in case of a child choking, drowning, breathing difficulties and other injurie and will cover lots more.

For bookings contact wonderwoman kids.