Liquid Love



For any modern mama trying to navigate her way through a supermarket formula aisle, it’s no easy feat! With 101 options, it can be hard to decide on any one variety.

While trial is the key to uncovering what suits the needs of your little human, one new entrant encouraging mums to do their research, and find out exactly what makes the ingredients list of their chosen formula is Munchkin Grass Fed.

Made from the milk of 100% New Zealand grass fed cows, Munchkin cows are allowed to roam freely on pasture 365 days a year, and graze exclusively on a grass diet. You may not realise that this is actually not the norm; most dairy cows today – even organic ones – are given a supplement diet that includes things like corn and grain.

These happy cows not only produce a great tasting milk, but moreover, 100% grass fed milk is naturally GMO free, rBGH free and packs in a higher level of nutrients like Vitamins A, E, CLA, and beta carotene, compared with grain-fed cows. Winning!

We are also loving that Munchkin Grass Fed comes fortified with prebiotics to help ensure your little one maintains healthy gut bacteria (and no post-formula stomach upsets).

Every baby is different, and with so many options out there, it’s always best to do your research to uncover which formula is best suited to your little one.

You can find Munchkin Grass Fed Formula at Big W, Amcal Online and select pharmacies and grocery stores. For more information, to buy online, or to find your local stockist, head over to Munchkin. You can also connect with the beautiful peeps at Munchkin on Facebook and Instagram. They are super friendly and lovely. Tell them we sent you 🙂