Mama Disrupt® Gift Guide 2020

Our Mama Disrupt® Gift Guide Is Here!

Happy holidays lovers,

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and drink Prosecco, whoop! Is there a better time to throw the rules out the window and kick back and celebrate the survival of this CRAY year? No. It’s time to love, celebrate, splurge, and live life as if it were our last Summer on earth. As mums, we bloody deserve it after the 2020 that has been.

Which is why our annual badass Mama Disrupt® Gift Guide is HERE, yewwwwww. And it is loaded with the good stuff! Because, hell yeah mama, what is more enjoyable than choosing the raddest gifts from the comfort of home, braless, with a block of chocolate in one hand and a wine in the other. We’ve brought you some of our exclusive favourite loves – for your girlfriends, your mum, your babes, your baby-daddy… girl, even for yourself. You’ll be frothing over what we have picked. Each and every item is fire.

As mums, we know that a lot goes into getting ready for the big ol’ day, and we’re often doing the jobs of many – personal shopper, present-wrapper, chef, house decorator, family stylist, cleaner, child wrangler, the list goes on. So this year, I say we do things differently. To help, we’ve created a cool checklist of fun things to do in the lead-up to Christmas to make sure you’re not getting buried under the mental load and stressing the f*ck out, but instead looking after you (yes, you do matter), and making the time to do the things that really count – because that’s what the holidays are about after all. We’ve also put together some of our fav #mumhacks to make life easier this Christmas. We got yo’ babe. It’s been a wild and tough year, and we’re owed some #goodtimes this season.
So go forth lady, and make merry. Crank up those Christmas tunes and dance around the house in your Santa-inspired bikini. Even if it means locking yourself in the laundry for a few minutes with a handful of stolen gingerbread from the kids, just make sure this season includes some fun, badassery and self-care. And remember to soak up those little moments with your boos – if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that it truly is the little things that count.

Merry Christmas gorgelistic, and happy shopping!

Mama Disrupt® Gift Guide 2020