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Photo Shoot: Grecian Mythological

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I have a friend from high school who is a talented fashion designer, Samantha Sotos, who is now living and working in Athens, Greece. She had recently started a children’s clothing line so I jumped at the chance to help her. As she is Australian born and raised, then studied, worked and lived in Europe and Greece, she has adopted herself as being ‘Euralian’! So I really wanted to create a truly beautiful and inspiring photo shoot, which incorporated Australian style with Greek influences, but with no limitations and one that we all would love and be proud of.

So it began with Samantha sending me her inspiration piece that she writes for each collection:

ss15 sunkissed

From sunrise to sunset you are surrounded by light.
Protected by a halo of energy, you are happy to walk the path the ancients once walked.
You walk, you glow.
Rays of light extend to hug you.
Tints of kisses touch you leaving a shimmer to your presence.
Feeling alive and loved in clothes that capture this energy and have walked this path, we now offer it to you.

Mint, lava red, Santorini sunset.
Apricot, ecru, oatmeal, white.
Silk blends, cotton, jersey are embellished with lace trims.
Soft drapes, caress your body offering a natural fluidity to your stride.

Clothes christened in natural light, Showered in a field of positivity and Kissed by a sun like no other.

We want you to be sunkissed too.


After initial ideas with Samantha, I then met with stylist Kate Aubrey and showed her the clothes and ideas that we had been working on. We then brainstormed over coffee and that’s when the idea came to me to shoot it with a Greek mythological theme as my initial inspiration kept coming back to very goddess like ideas and the clothes had such a strong Greek style. It made perfect sense. As Kate is also a costume designer for theatre, she was perfect for this shoot!

After refreshing our knowledge on Greek mythology we then decided on basing the shoot around the Sirens, Jason + the Argonauts, Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandoras Box. Kate made the most fabulous paper mache creating a Minotaur headpiece, swords, Jason’s helmet and Pandora’s crown.

As we had a previous weather cancellation we proceeded with our next shoot date after a good forecast, but once on location we didn’t have the most ideal weather. Nevertheless, we adapted and I am more than pleased with our results. It couldn’t of happened though with out the fabulously talented kids and their supportive parents, the most amazing hair + makeup artist Jessica Diez and the whole entire crew that were so dedicated and talented on the day.

Samantha Sotos SS15

Samantha Sotos SS15

Samantha Sotos SS15

Samantha Sotos SS15

Samantha Sotos SS15

Samantha Sotos SS15



Photographer: Michelle Young, Lantern Studio
w. instagram. @michelle_young

Photographer’s Assistant: Cassandra Ringstad
w. instagram. @cassandramayphotography

Stylist: Kate Aubrey
w. instagram. @kate_aubrey_dunn

Hair + MUA: Jessica Diez
w. instagram. @jess_diez

Clothing: Samantha Sotos
w. instagram. @samantha_sotos

Talent: Bambini Talent Group
w. instagram. @bambinitalentgroup
Thanks to; Charlotte, Sophia, Sahara, Zoe and Jude.

Additional Props from Romeo’s Chair, Dee Why.



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