BOOM, we are 3!! DEAD! ♡ And to celebrate, we’ve dropped our NEW super fly SUMMER DAZE issue with none other than our BFFs The Quinn Girls on the cover… DISRUPTED! ✌🏼 Seriously, how rad are these girls?

PLUS, the almighty and totally fierce Revie Jane joins our MD® fam-bam with her FIRST EVER column, talking #mumbod love. PREACH sister! Not to mention Emily Blunt spilling all on the motherhood cray, and our sassy Asher Keddie chatting #boymama hangs. Wanna start your own mama biz? We’ve got that too. 😎

Available in print and digital format at and in newsagents across Australia, be a rebel and grab your issue today! It’s ALL you need this Summer. Badass mamas, you KNOWWWW IT! 💥

If you are not based in Australia and want to read Mama Disrupt®, you can purchase our digital copy or sign up for a digital subscription.