YEWWW, we are 4! OMFG! We made it to the end of 2020 and to celebrate we’ve dropped a serious bomb with our NEW amazeballs Summer Issue and our fav new mama evrrrr on our cover – Katy Perry!

PLUS #girlmama Justine Ilarda gives an honest look into the life of an Insta influencer, wellness goddess Tanya Poppett shares how motherhood changed her… #strongasamother, annnd Jamila Rizvi looks back on how we survived the year of the #coronacoaster. What a fkn ride it has been! And wanna know how to tap into your pysche and totally RULE? We share some insider secrets.

Issue 16 is available in print and digital format at and in newsagents across Australia, be a badass and grab your issue today! It’s ALL you’re gonna need this Summer. We got you, babes.

And if you are not based in Australia and want to read Mama Disrupt®, you can purchase our digital copy or sign up for a digital subscription. Too easy!