Our QUEEN issue has landed (Print + Digital Download)!

OMFG mamacitas! Our QUEEN ISSUE has landed and she’s FIRE, with none other than the queen of motherhood herself, Beyoncé, on the cover, along with her manifesto for having it all!

Including a heady cocktail of supermamas (we’re talking Roxy Jacenko, Tiffiny Hall, Josie Gagliano, Sigourney Cantelo, Amanda Booth, Jules Coffey, Kasey Rainbow), and packed full of feel-good mama inspiration (whilst also keeping it real), you’re gonna wanna curl up with a margarita to read this one!

We’ve got modern motherhood covered girlfriend, from the apps that will change your life, to fearless pull-out-and-keep inspiration cards, to a tranquillity toolkit for tough mama days, to new-season mama and bebe fash finds, to the most drool-worthy room makeovers (and how to recreate them), to the hacks that will nail down your meh-to-mamacita routine in five minutes flat!


Download or buy now (only $9.95 for print or $4.95 for digital download) or find in your local newsagent in Australia.

Don’t attempt motherhood without it!

For a sneak peek inside the issue, hit play below…

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