Why Travel is an Important Part of Your Child’s Development

Why Travel Is An Important Part Of Your Child’s Development

Jade from Bubbalove shares this article on why travel is an important part of your child’s development: 

The benefits of travel are absolutely endless – culture experiences, savoury flavours, breathtaking landscapes, new adventures and tightened family bonds, just to name a few. As a parent, to offer an experience like this from a young age can cultivate a passion for travel in children; a passion that plays a vital role in their development.

Whilst there’s a few parents that don’t see the point in travelling with young children because they ‘won’t remember’, this article makes a very valid point how these valuable experiences encourages growth within your child. Exactly like reading stories to your young ones, the skills they acquire from such memories are irreplaceable. Still not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why raising a kid who loves to travel will benefit their development.

  1. Travel Opens Your Child’s Mind: 

One of the best things about travel is that it’s a huge mind opener. “Individuals who have a broader understanding of ‘the way things are’, rather than the myopic outlook that can develop from vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime”, says Mark Twain. They thrive on it and soak everything up including languages and culture differences that become similarities.

From cultural awareness to diving head first into new and exciting experiences, travel can work wonders in the minds of young children. It’s a scholastic way to broaden their minds through complete immersion – it beats learning in any classroom! And whilst it may seem like a hassle at first to travel with your little ones (especially under the age of 5!) it’s an opportunity for them to receive a worldly education in context. An education even the youngest children can still benefit from.

2. It Teaches New Responsibilities: 

Life is very different on the road that’s part of its magic – it forces us to break away from those daily routines. Travelling with your children helps your young ones to accept new roles through decision making and skill development. For example; even before you get on the plane you can encourage your child to pack their own kids suitcases. This will teach them the value of packing and organising, decision making and accepting responsibility for their own things.

Throughout the travelling experience, your children can adapt to job roles like navigating on a map, finding an interesting place to visit or deciding on a place to eat. Both kids and parents will learn new skills through these roles and responsibilities from travel. And these are the sort of skills that will stay with them to adapt to other areas in life as they grow up.

3. It Strengthens Families: 

Whether it’s just you and your young one travelling together or it’s a whole family trip, travelling is notorious for strengthening bonds. Bonds as a whole family, bonds between siblings, bonds between mother and daughter or father and son and better yet, bonds between you and your partner.

Families share a whole range of experiences together when traveling. And it’s these experiences that enhance family bonds. Whether you’re fishing with your son or teaching your daughter bravery through rock climbing, getting involved in a unique culture experience encourages a sense of fun and adventure together. Travel provides the perfect opportunity for you as a family to collect memories, not things.

4. Boosts School Grades: 

Through real-life learning experiences, travel adds tangibility to what your children are reading and learning about in school. These travel experiences create a richer context and substance to their classroom knowledge which in turn, helps to boost those school grades.

Exposing our children to new cultures and places is one of the best ways to fuel their sense of curiosity and wonder to learn. A valuable skill that can be applied to their daily schooling when they return. There have been various studies in place that shows those that have been abroad tend to have improved academic performances, something that can further develop when your children go into high school, university and work.

5. They’ll Practice Tolerance and Acceptance: 

And challenges and flexibility! Travel can bring out the worst and best in people so there’s plenty of opportunities to practice valuable lessons. They’ll learn to adapt to new situations, meet different challenges and be flexible enough to be patience in an unexpected lifestyle.

Waiting in long lines for a ride or tourist attraction, embarking on long flights and bus trips and group decision making can all provide opportunities for your children to speak up and learn from things. Practical decisions can be made as a family, problem solving and trip planning become good skills they can develop on.

6. Travel Promotes Incredible Socialisation: 

Despite some parents believing that pulling children out of class to travel can mean lack of socialisation with others, it’s quite the opposite. And even better, it allows them to connect with people all ages, all nationalities and all walks of life – people that can enrich their lives even further.

Whilst school is definitely important to your child’s development and socialising with their friends, travel offers such a diverse range of social opportunities. Ones that normally can’t be experienced through school on a daily basis. The combination of the two will offer incredible socialisation.

7. They’ll Learn Self-Reliance and How To Combat Boredom: 

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard children say “mum, I’m bored”! As parents it’s not unusual to feel like it’s your responsibility to keep them entertained too. Travel offers another approach; a chance for your children to discover and engage in their own interests. It allows them to empower themselves to make some decisions on their own, occupy their time and takes steps to avoid being ‘bored’.

Travel is truly something magical. It’s a wonderful tool in the development of children and can help to provide a solid grounding in your own home, culture and family. Where would you take your young one too?


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This article is written by Jayde Ferguson at Bubbalove – a leading provider of safe and specialised teething products for babies and toddlers to help relieve pain. You can catch Jayde on Google+ to discuss this piece.