Work/Life Balance. Does It Exist? 5 Lessons I Have Learnt

Work/Life Balance. Does It Exist? 5 Lessons I Have Learnt

Meetings, coffee, long hours, heels that was my career life. The life that got me out of bed in the morning, the life that I bragged about, the media life that seemed to glamorous in my mind. That was until my son was born.

Nothing was going to change things, I would be able to balance everything surely, I mean how hard could it be? Women have ben doing this for years!

I felt that admitting I was a mum to myself was almost losing part of me. It was an instant change the second I stepped back into work after a year of nappies, sleep deprivation, days in PJs covered with spit up – #mumlife!

Reality hit the second I walked back into my old building, it all came crashing down on me in one swoop. Which team does the “part-time mum” get allocated to? Which clients would be willing to work with someone that’s only around sometimes. The year I had taken off felt like I had lost 4 years in my career. After being moved 4 times in the space of 2 months I ended up working under a girl with at least 5 years less experience than I had. I felt deflated, insignificant and just lost!

I had always been a key part of the team. But was I now team career or team family life? I have had many different experiences over the last 5 years, some that I can laugh at and some that still bring me to tears. A rollercoaster is an understatement. I had attended a girls high school with an inspiring female principal who talked a lot about the ‘glass ceiling’ and I never really understood what that meant back then. Today, it has a whole new meaning….

My journey continues, I wanted to share a few things I have learnt and come to accept on this path in the hopes that this will perhaps help someone else out there who may find themselves in a similar situation.

  1. You win some you lose some – There were going to be meetings that I will miss because I was home with a sick child, and that’s ok! Work knows I have children and they had to know that life can sometimes be unexpected. I cannot feel guilty about that. I distinctly remember being at home with my son who had a 30degree temperature and I had bronchitis and still trying to manage a client phone conference, completely ridiculous in hindsight!

On the flipside, I wouldn’t be able to attend every school reading day, or volunteer for all of the swimming lesson uniform changes. My son now understands that it doesn’t mean I love him any less.

  1. You are still you – it took me a long time to understand and value my worth as a mother and an employee. I wasn’t any less of the person I was before, if anything I had now learned a new patience, prioritizing needs, and just breathing. I was managing a team of 5, all very different staff members, all with different personalities and needs (a bit like a daycare!). I had compassion when it was required and tough when I needed to be.
  1. Me time – it’s what dreams are made of! I still need that morning 5 minutes to myself for a tea in the morning. If that means taking a later train to work or even allowing my son his ipad for 5 minutes than so be it! Selfish or not, its what I need to be my best from the get go.
  1. Good and bad – not everyday will be sunshine and rainbows. There are days I wish I had my wonder woman cape on and could fly to where I needed to be. Sometimes I will let people down, but it can’t be helped so I cannot beat myself up about everything. Will my son hate me for being 5minutes late for pick up, or if I forget that it was silly sock day at school? If I need to reschedule a meeting to be better prepared, will the client mind? Will life go on…YES!
  1. Lastly, its ok to say NO – I fell into a people-pleaser trap, of always trying to assist others. I would stay back that extra 10mins to help someone else sort out their problem, or over volunteer at school so I felt involved with what was going on. I have learnt to say no. No ensures that I leave on time to race off for school pick up, no to a play date every now and again means I get more one on one time with my son and no to a rigid schedule.

So do I have it all figured out? Hardly, however I am trying my best, everyday is a new day.


Diana Rogaris


Diana wants to live in a world of innovative businesses where mums out there support each other in every way, toddlers and kids never ask the dreaded “why”, and healthy foods include dark chocolate covered corn chips.
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