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Due in Winter? Check out these cool baby names

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Discover the top baby names inspired by Winter. Whether you’re expecting this season, or just looking for a name inspired by the chilly months, these names are super cool.

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Finding the perfect name for your mini bae can be tricky. Make sure you bookmark this list of Winter baby names, there’s loads of gorge inspo here, lady.

For Girls:
  1. Winter – Straight to the point and oh-so-beautiful.
  2. Ivy – Evergreen and elegant, perfect for all seasons.
  3. Bianca – Italian for “white,” just like a fresh snowfall.
  4. Neve – Means “snow” in Italian, delicate and lovely.
  5. Crystal – Sparkling and clear, like frosty ice.
  6. Lumi – Finnish for “snow,” super unique and cute.
  7. Gwendolyn – Means “white ring,” with a vintage charm.
  8. Eira – Welsh for “snow,” simple and pretty.
  9. Frostine – Frosty and whimsical, a little Winter fairy.
  10. Holly – Strong, vibrant, and perfect for a Winter babe.
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For Boys:
  1. Frost – Cool, crisp, and undeniably strong.
  2. Aspen – Inspired by the stunning Winter resort and tree.
  3. Boris – Russian for “snow leopard,” unique and powerful.
  4. Douglas – A nod to the beloved Douglas fir.
  5. Jack – Timeless and classic, like Jack Frost.
  6. Orin – Means “pale, pine tree,” serene and sturdy.
  7. Whittaker – Means “white field,” sophisticated and stylish.
  8. Blaze – Brings the cosy warmth of a Winter fire.
  9. Yule – Evokes the essence of the Winter season.
  10. Robin – Cheerful and bright, like the Winter bird.
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Unisex Names:
  1. Snow – Pure, simple, and perfect for any little one.
  2. River – Serene and strong, just like icy Winter waters.
  3. Storm – Powerful and evocative of wild Winter weather.
  4. Sky – Vast, beautiful, and destined for great heights.
  5. Cypress – A sturdy evergreen tree name that’s wonderfully gender-neutral.

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