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10 ways to look after yourself as a sick mum

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Are you a sick mum who also needs to care for sick kids? Here’s how to make it through the day. Remember, you’re in survival mode right now.

By Mama Disrupt®

‘Tis the season of sickness, right?

And when you’re a sick mum who also needs to care for sick kids, you can easily feel like the odds are against you.

But there are a few things you can do to help you all feel a little better and make it through the day.

1. Catch those Zzz’s

I can’t stress this enough: sleep and rest are super important for both you and your little ones. So, whenever you can, try to sneak in a nap or just chill while they’re asleep or quietly playing.

2. Bottoms up

Drinking lots of fluids is key, for you and the kids. Water, herbal teas, and electrolyte drinks are your best friends. They’ll help you all recover and stay hydrated.

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3. Easy-peasy meals

Don’t stress about cooking fancy dishes. Stick to simple stuff like soups, broths, or plain foods like crackers or toast. And hey, it’s okay to lean on frozen meals or takeout when needed.

4. Call in the cavalry

If you can, ask a friend, family member, or neighbour to lend a hand with childcare, errands, or meal prep. That way, you’ll get some time to focus on feeling better.

5. Cozy up together

Create a comfy spot where you and the kids can rest and relax, like the living room. Grab blankets, pillows, and tissues, and make it your recovery headquarters.

6. Independent playtime

Give your kids activities they can do with little supervision, like colouring or watching a movie. This way, they’re entertained while you get some much-needed downtime.

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7. Meds at the ready

Stock up on over-the-counter meds like pain relievers and fever reducers. Just remember to follow the dosing instructions and chat with a healthcare pro if you’re unsure.

8. Keep it clean

Teach your little ones about handwashing, using tissues, and the ol’ “cough or sneeze into your elbow” trick to stop germs from spreading.

9. Take a step back

It’s okay if you can’t do everything you normally would. Give yourself a break and just focus on getting better – you and your kids come first.

10. Keep an eye on symptoms

Monitor how you and your kids are feeling, and if things don’t improve or get worse, don’t hesitate to get some medical advice.

Remember, self-care is super important when you’re sick. Taking care of yourself will help you bounce back faster, so you can be the best caregiver for your little ones. Hang in there!

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