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4 fast ways to make your skin look and feel better

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The daily struggles as a busy mama to keep your skin looking great are endless. It’s a time thing, right? Well, we’ve got you covered with four simple tricks to get your skin looking gorge and your daily routine on track.

By Alisha Kinna


Keep your cleanser in the shower.

When choosing a cleanser think about what you want it to do. Is it to prevent dry skin, reduce oil or slow down ageing?

If you have dry or ageing skin, pick cleansers that have a milk base. If it is oily, use a gel base cleanser.

“Having a simple skincare routine makes self-care even easier for busy mamas.”


Exfoliation is the one thing you can get away with using a cheaper brand.

Buy a supermarket label rather than spending hundreds of dollars on one that will do the same thing, and go crazy. The St Ives Aloe Vera and AHA exfoliator works a treat.

The only thing to be aware of is to try not to buy exfoliators with microbeads as they are not great for the environment.

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Think of your day cream as your ‘protector’.

If you have a dry/combination skin type you will need to hydrate it during the day. If you have an oily/combination skin type you will need to mattify to control the oils.

Your day cream should be light and keep pours clear.

Also remember to always wear SPF. The SPF in your makeup is NOT enough unless it’s 30+.


Think of your night cream as your ‘treatment’ cream. Night time is your skin’s down time – absorbing more as you sleep. So, your treatment cream needs to be working on your skin goals.

For example, if it’s pigmentation and an uneven skin tone you want to treat, use a cosmeceutical grade vitamin C serum. And if it’s dry skin you want to fix, use a cream that will moisturise and plump.