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5 Apps to Save your Sanity

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By Nicole Fuge

Between school drop offs and pickups, work meetings, grocery shopping, paying the bills, doctors appointments, kids’ sporting commitments, keeping the house clean… it’s enough to make anyone batsh*t crazy.

App developers are now coming to our rescue, think of them as the Mary Poppins of modern mamahood, creating apps for almost everything (as soon as they make an app for doing laundry, let us know).

apps to organise your life mama disrupt

Our top 5 apps to organise your life:


Todoist will have you organising your family like a boss! This easy-to-use app allows you to make a list of tasks, set deadlines, assign goals to other people in group projects, colour-code priorities and track your progress on each task. You’ll never forget anything again.


Who else is guilty of struggling to keep track of their child’s milestones? From out of date baby books to rough notes kept on your phone, sometimes it feels impossible to keep track of it all. And it appears we’re not alone… 69% of Aussie parents believe it’s important to document their child’s life, but don’t have enough time or know where to begin. Enter Momatu – the free digital timeline app to capture and organise your family’s special moments, which can then be used to create beautiful timelines of photos, videos and journal entries to share with your family and friends. No more precious memories lost. We love!

3 // COZI

If you struggle to keep tabs on everyone in your family – soccer practice, surf lessons, ballet concerts, doctor appointments… then you need to download the Cozi Family Organiser, like yesterday. Manage everyday family life with an app that connects each member of the family in one place. Easy! We also love that Cozi helps you plan family meals, reminds the kids about various appointments, makes shopping lists and even creates a list of family chores. 


Who ever thought weekly budgets would be enjoyable? Not us. But Pocketbook has changed all that with the easy-to-use finance app keeping you up to date with all of your family expenses, helping you set budgets and keep on top of bills. What we love most is that Pocketbook syncs to your bank accounts, so you can keep track of your household expenses and highlight each cost into categories. It’s never been easier to save for that dream family vacay.


Paprika is like having Jamie Oliver in your pocket (we wish!) Finally you have somewhere to keep all of the screenshots of recipes you’ve been collecting over the years and links to recipes your mama friends keep sending you. Paprika also comes in handy for making shopping lists and meal plans – if only it would cook too!