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5 Cool Ways to Transform Your Bebe’s Room

In Features, Spaces, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

My fav room in the house is my daughter’s bedroom (which is lucky seeing as I spend what feels like all day in there feeding, changing, playing, repeat). So now, as she transitions from baby to toddler, her needs are changing and I’m forever scrolling Insta for inspo. Here are some of the most gorge looks from mamas on the Gram.

Ideas for decorating your little one’s bedroom

1 // Rainbows

It’s no secret rainbows are a dominant trend in interiors right now… with wall decals, prints and even wall hangings. The great thing is, if you’re feeling crafty, you can totes DIY the sh*t out of this look by painting your own rainbow, framing it and hanging it on bae’s room, or grab some wool and other supplies to make your own three dimensional creation, like this one. OR if you can’t be f*cked, leave it to the professionals and #addtocart, mama!

2 // A feature bed

Don’t know where to start when creating a look for your bambino’s room? A feature bed can act as the hero piece of the space, setting the tone for theming, and then you can elevate the look with ah-mazing linens, cushions and throws.

3 // Ageless artwork

Invest in beautiful pieces of artwork that will see your bae through to their teenage years (and even beyond, like this stunning print). Even better if they have a neutral tone and can suit a range of themes and styles.

4 // Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a personal fav of mine because they serve a dual purpose – they look cute AF, while providing somewhere to keep your bebe’s books. There are some clever DIY versions on Pinterest, using spice racks, or take a more literal approach and use actual shelves and style with other adorbs items, like wooden toys. Either way, they become a great focal point in the room and having the books on display also encourages your child to read (or in my case, pick the books up and throw them all on the floor! Whatevs.)

5 // A hanging chair

Looking for something a little more cool to pop in your child’s room – especially if they’re on the way to teenage hood? A hanging chair looks fab and provides the perfect spot to sit and read, or just chillax.