5 Ways to Refresh Your Home With Flowers

The ever-talented Emily Smith from Boutierre Girls shares her top tips on flower arranging and shows us how to easily breathe new life into your home using beautiful blooms.

When it comes to updating the home, you’d be forgiven for thinking that in order to make a real difference visually, you have to undertake a big DIY project or mini renovation. It’s just not entirely true.

You can, in fact, easily update your interiors with little things such as flowers, soft furnishings or affordable décor items.

For most people, however, bringing flowers into their homes and arranging them can be off-putting as not everyone has the confidence to know what will make an impact or the time to arrange them.

Emily Smith from Boutierre Girls flower arranging“I think it’s really special to get a beautifully arranged floral bunch from a florist on special occasions or when treating yourself,” the founder of floral studio Boutierre Girls, Emily Smith, explains.

“But if you want to use flowers to spruce up your home,” the florist says, “there are a few really quick and easy things you can do to maximise effect.”

Here Emily shares her tips to update your home using flowers.


There are lots of beautiful foliage and flowers that you can buy, which will dry amazingly and continue to look fabulous for some time.

Try your hand at blue gum, cotton, bunny tails, honesty and hydrangea to name a few.


Fill your vase with really beautifully shaped naked branches and sticks (quince is a personal favourite). You can buy them or cut whilst it’s flowering. Once the flowers drop off, take the branches out of water (to prevent it going mouldy) and keep in a vessel without water.

Boutierre Girls cotton bunch and dried flowers3. USE ONE TYPE OF FLOWER ON MASS

Flowers on mass always look really fabulous – sometimes mixing flowers can take away from their individual beauty. I love roses on mass – it’s an easy way to bring the garden indoors.


Always choose a flower or colour that will make you burst with joy every time you catch a glimpse of it.

Boutierre Girls peach flower arrangement5. MIRROR WHAT’S HAPPENING OUTDOORS

I always try and make my indoor flowers reflect the season outside – it really makes me appreciate each season and the flowers that come with it.

In autumn, go for beautiful earthy-tones filled with yellows, oranges and reds. In winter, it’s nice to have branches or more moody flowers and foliage with deep greens. Come spring, go for lots of really fragrant flowers such as sweet pea. In summer, I love lots of bright, fun colours including roses and hydrangeas.

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