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6 mum-approved tips on how to make Back to School less stressful

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Want to beat Back to School stress? Our top 6 #mumhacks will simplify your mornings and calm some of the chaos (we’re not miracle workers!)

By Anneka Rose

It’s Back to School time and that probably fills most of us with fear, right? Just the thought of needing to get the kids ready and out the door before the bell rings brings on a stress-induced sweat.

Well these mum-approved tips are going to make your mornings much, much easier.

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1. Night-Time Ninja Moves

Listen up lady, after the kiddos hit the hay, try and resist the siren call of your comfy couch and reality TV. Trust me, a bit of prepping the night before – like tidying the kitchen, setting up the coffee machine, packing those munchable lunches, and sorting out everyone’s outfits – can be a total game-changer.

You might grumble while doing it, but waking up to a ready-to-roll morning is worth its weight in gold (and extra coffee time). To make the tasks more enjoyable, pop your headphones on and listen to your fav playlist or a podcast – multitasking at its best!

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2. Sleepytime Secrets

Here’s the deal – well-rested kids are happier, easier kids. If you need those little babes up at 7am, an earlier bedtime is your new best friend. With school and all those after-school shenanigans, it’s tempting to stretch the day, but sleep and good grub come first in our house. So, no late nights, and we start winding down by 7.30pm – it’s a sanity-saver, promise.

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3. Alarming Fun for the Little Ones

My daughter is obsessed with her alarm clock – it doubles as a night light and helps her spring out of bed like a champ. My son loves a sleep-in, so I’m his personal wake-up service. A gentle nudge, some back rubs, and easing him into the day makes all the difference.

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4. Morning Routine Magic

We’ve got this fab chart just outside the kiddos’ rooms, listing their morning must-dos – from getting dressed to taming those tresses. It’s been a total win! They know breakfast’s at 8am, no exceptions (yep, even on weekends), and it’s a take-it-or-leave-it deal with food. It took some time, but gone are the days of playing short-order cook for breakfast.

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5. The Power of the Visual Countdown Timer

Fed up with the morning tug-of-war, I discovered the wonder of visual countdown timers. These little beauties show the kids how much time they’ve got for each task with a shrinking red wedge. Total game-changer. They now get why the TV has to go off after one show and why breakfast can’t last forever. Seeing is believing, right?

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6. Keep Calm and Carry On

We’ve all been there – the morning rush turning into a shout-fest. But let’s be real, starting the day at a stressful peak isn’t what any of us need. So, I’ve learned to pick my battles. Cowboy boots with sweatpants? Sure thing! No socks with blister-making shoes? You got it! They’ll learn, eventually. Until then, deep breaths and let the small stuff slide.

So, there you have it, mums – your guide to navigating those manic mornings with a bit more sparkle and a lot less stress. You’ve got this!

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