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7 Reasons Why We’re Totes in Love with The Nappy Society

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By Nicole Fuge

Something I didn’t expect to come out of mamahood is for me to become the boss of backseat nappy changes. It doesn’t matter where we go, what time of day, or how long the car ride is… my bebe will ALWAYS need a nappy change when we pull up somewhere.

And the older she gets, the wrigglier she becomes, which is why I need to know where EVERYTHING is in my bag – with one hand on my bebe, the other fishing around for nappies, wipes, disposable bags, a manageable scenario can swiftly go awry.

For months, my nappy bag consisted of a tote moonlighting as a nappy bag, and I felt like a disorganised Mary Poppins pulling out bottles, pacifiers, muslin wraps and spare wipes, whenever searching for my wallet at the checkout.

The disorganisation was making this mama crazy, but I didn’t want to lug a massive nappy bag around, I wanted a bag that I could sling over my shoulder and take with me on my morning coffee run. Gemma Bronzoni had the answer.

the nappy society mama disrupt

While hunting for the perfect baby bag to gift to the many new mamas in her life, Gemma discovered a growing trend in mamas using their own fashion totes as baby bags. Yes, these totes were #ontrend, but they lacked the functionality and organisational features of traditional baby bags.

Gemma identified a gap in the market – modern, functional and fashionable accessories for bebes – The Nappy Society was born.

Having worked at Chanel, where Gemma cultivated her skills, knowledge and passion for all things high fashion; she has now combined this with her retail buying experience and appreciation for the finer things to create a product worthy of any #mamamusthaves list.

“Our TNS Inserts enable mums to turn their designer totes and handbags into baby bags without compromising on practicality or style. Our innovative designs allows mums to be their fashionable self whilst keeping their lives organised.”

the nappy society mama disrupt

After the raging success of TNS Insert, Gemma was driven to create a range of products to make life easier for on-the-go mamas. The Nappy Society now includes over five clever and stylish products including; TNS Pram Caddies, Luxe Change Mat, Bottle Bag, Pacifier Bag and Stroller Clips.

Although Gemma created The Nappy Society before she was a mama herself, she now has a beautiful bebe girl and uses her own products every day.

7 reasons why we’re in love with The Nappy Society

the nappy society mama disrupt
1 // Transform your current tote to a baby bag

Take your tote from fashion to function in a flash, with TNS Inserts. With separate compartments, five hidden pockets and two insulated bottle pockets, you can stash all your bebe paraphernalia inside (yup, all of it!) Made from durable yet lightweight coated cotton canvas TNS Inserts are available in two sizes and four colours. Simply fill up your TNS Inserts with yours and bub’s daily essentials and slip it inside your favourite designer tote or handbag and you’re good to go, Mama!

the nappy society mama disrupt
2 // The Pram Caddy is organised genius

From globe-trotting to play dates, TNS Pram Caddy is the ultimate accessory for on-the-go parents. Crafted from their signature coated cotton canvas, TNS Pram Caddy is uhhh-maxing. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to clean, and this stylish and functional accessory features a large outer zip pocket as well as a phone pocket and insulated bottle pockets. The luxe pram caddies are a #musthave for any modern mama.

the nappy society mama disrupt
3 // Baby bags have never looked so stylish #leather

TNS Luxe Leather Tote is the new frontier in fashion and function. Made from premium calfskin leather, they’re roomy enough to fit all of yours and bub’s essentials, yet sturdy and durable for everyday use. To keep it organised, TNS Luxe Leather Tote pairs perfectly with TNS Original Insert (sold separately or purchase together for a discount). Throw it over your shoulder or for busy days, strap it to your stroller using TNS Stroller Clips.

the nappy society mama disrupt
4 // The Luxe Change Mat is next level

Made from their signature coated cotton canvas, TNS Luxe Change Mat brings an element of chic to the good ol’ nappy change. Opening out to a larger change mat, it features a convenient pocket to stash nappies, wipes and creams easily. The design is so cute it can even be disguised as a clutch – a change mat which works as hard as you do!!

the nappy society mama disrupt
5 // The game-changing Stroller Clips

Keep your hands free whilst out and about with your bebe. Simply strap TNS Stroller Clips to the handle of any pram for a convenient spot to hang your baby bag, (or even a few cheeky shopping bags).

the nappy society mama disrupt
6 // Oh so chic Bottle Bags

Keep bub’s bottles clean and upright with TNS Bottle Bag. Perfect for the mama on the go, this handy accessory attaches to your stroller with a simple velcro strap. Featuring polished gold hardware and zip closure, TNS Bottle Bag is as chic as it is practical.

the nappy society mama disrupt
7 // Pacifier Bags which won’t have you scrambling

Store up to four dummies in one easy to access spot with TNS Pacifier Bag, avoiding the need to empty out your loaded tote to find one. The coated-cotton canvas pacifier bags strap easily to your stroller, allowing you to stash bub’s dummies hygienically and conveniently. Oh, and did I mention they’re also ideal for keeping mama’s essentials such as lip balm, nipple balm and creams? Now THAT’S a handy baby buy!