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8 surprising uses for baby wipes

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Baby wipes are the multitasking superheroes of motherhood. We know they’re good for spot cleaning, but did you know of these other clever uses?

By Mama Disrupt®

Baby wipes are not just for nappy changes, you know?

These little wonders are like multitasking superheroes in a pack. Ever caught your little one making an art project on your sofa? Baby wipe to the rescue. And don’t get me started on sticky fingers after snack time – they’re a lifesaver.

Plus, they’re gentle enough to use on your face when you’re too tired for a proper cleanse. From quick make-up fixes to wiping down the dog after a muddy walk, these wipes are every mama’s secret weapon.

baby wipes, mama disrupt

1. Make-up Removal

When you’re too tired to do the whole skincare routine, a baby wipe can whisk away make-up in a jiffy.

2. Stain Remover

They’re surprisingly effective at lifting stains from clothes, furniture, and even carpets. Just dab and blot away, baby.

baby wipes, mama disrupt

3. Keyboard Cleaner

Slide a baby wipe between the keys of your keyboard to pick up crumbs, dust, and other debris that accumulate over time. Plus, they’re gentle enough to use on screens, making them handy for quick tech clean-ups.

4. Shoe Deodoriser

Place a scented wipe in your shoes overnight to help absorb odours and leave them smelling fresh AF in the morning.

baby wipes, mama disrupt

5. Static Remover

Rub a baby wipe over clothing or hair to reduce static cling (this is especially useful during dry Winter months).

6. Sticker Residue Remover

Stubborn sticker residue on surfaces? Rub it with a wipe to help loosen and remove it easily.

baby wipes, mama disrupt

7. Jewellery Polisher

Use a baby wipe to gently clean and shine your jewellery, leaving it sparkling like new.

8. Gum Remover

Got gum stuck to your shoe or hair? A baby wipe can help dissolve and remove it without a sticky mess.

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