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Beauty Edit: Why Biologi Bf Serum is a #Musthave For Every Mama

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Mamas, we’re amazing. And we’re always on the go, I mean ALWAYS on the go. From tending to newborns, to breaking up sibling fights, to making a million snacks, to taking kids to daycare/school/activities, to doing endless piles of washing, to grocery shopping, to cooking and cleaning. Phew! No wonder we’re tired AF when we crash into bed every night (only to be woken up by our bambinos throughout the night for a feed, or a glass of water, or a cuddle).

So finding a beauty product that works as hard as we do (and I really mean that), it’s like winning the lottery – maybe even better. Biologi Bf serum is seriously the sh*t. This luxe skincare serum is extracted from Australian native finger lime and is free from synthetic ingredients, so you know it’s seriously delish for your skin. Plus, you can use it on your bebe’s skin too! So it’s no surprise this is fast becoming every mama’s secret weapon.

Here are some of the increds multi-uses for Biologi Bf serum, it really is a #musthave for your diaper bag/beach bag/handbag. And for four days only (August 13-16 2020), Biologi has a rad offer – buy one Bf serum and get another for half price! Click here to #addtocart NOW!

biologi mama disrupt

1 // Pregnant mums can use it safely

When we’re pregnant (and then postnatally), our skin is literally stretched to its limits with fluctuations in weight which leave us with stretch marks, cellulite and loss of hydration. But because there are so many products we need to avoid when we’re pregnant, it can be tricky to know what’s safe to use and what’s not. Bf serum is completely safe to use all throughout pregnancy and after birth and the natural vitamin C increases the suppleness of the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity. So while our mama stretch marks are badges of honour, we still want to make sure we’re looking after our skin and keeping it nice and hydrated.

2 // It’s pure magic for nappy rash

When you’re a new mum, it can be hard to know which products you can safely use on newborn skin. While barrier creams are often applied to help keep toxins away from the skin, these can actually prevent chemicals from getting out of the pores and disrupt the skin’s natural hydrating processes. On the other hand, Bf serum puts moisture back into the skin and allows the area to breathe. It’s also a miracle worker for eczema, so defs one to keep in the nappy bag.

3 // Use it on cradle cap

Cradle cap is something all mums need to deal with. For most babies it goes away after a few months, but for some bambinos it can last for up to two years and be quite itchy and uncomfortable. Bf serum is a natural source of ferulic acid which dissolves the cellular glue that causes the appearance of dry skin and because it’s a serum rather than a moisturiser, it penetrates deeper into the pores, hydrating from the inside out and avoiding exposure to ingredients that can block pores and cause sensitivity.

biologi mama disrupt

4 // You can use it for cracked nipples while breastfeeding

Trying to breastfeed when you have cracked nipples is the WORST! And it’s near-impossible when you’re in those early newborn days of cluster feeding to apply anything because your bebe will be hanging off you again in no time. Or if you do have the time, the residue of many moisturising products taste nasty and the toxins may pose a health risk to the newborn. So massage some Bf serum into those sore nips, babe!

5 // It’s a game changing face serum

After you’ve rubbed this miracle juice into your bebe’s scalp or onto your nipples, give your face some attention. It helps repair cells, so if your skin is sensitised, incorporating it into your self-care skincare routine could actually help reduce any stinging, redness and dry patches.

6 // Use it in your hair

The temps are rising (whoop!), which means one thing – beach hangs with the fam. Don’t forget to comb some Bf serum through the ends of your hair and it will hydrate and protect your locks against the harsh UV rays. Simple.

biologi mama disrupt

7 // Didn’t get much sleep? Use it to brighten up the eye area

Are you pregnant and suffering from insomnia (or broken sleep due to regular bathroom breaks)? Or perhaps your bebes didn’t let you get a lot of shuteye last night. Well luckily for you, Bf serum also works wonders on the delicate eye area. Yup! The natural vitamin C content stimulates collagen production to reduce fine lines, brighten dark circles and make your eyes sparkle! It really is magical stuff!

8 // Put it under your sunscreen

While you need to reapply sunscreen every day, there isn’t a sunscreen that can fully protect against the harmful UVA rays found in free radicals caused by the sun (which causes damage on a deeper level and doesn’t show until it’s too late). So pair Bf serum with your fav sunscreen and the vitamin C and tryptophan provide antioxidant protection to keep cellular damage at bay.

9 // It’s anti-ageing (YASSS!)

Bf is also an effective alternative to anti-ageing products that contain harsh retinol ingredients derived from vitamin A – which you cannot use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Luckily your Bf serum will keep you looking young and fresh (even when you don’t feel it!)

biologi mama disrupt


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